A Shady Woman Is At a Mcdonald’s Drive-Thru Then An Employee Spots Kids Scared and Screaming The Car.

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Many people all over the world go to McDonalds every day. Whether they are just trying to squeeze in a quick lunch in between appointments at work or their kids are just dying to get a happy meal. Many people don’t realize that working at a fast food joint as an employee is not an easy gig. Whether you are dealing with rude and angry customers, a line out the door, or getting burned by some scolding hot oil in the fryer! I have a lot of respect and tip my hat to all the hard working people at McDonalds and any other fast food restaurant. Working in any job with customer service is never a walk in the park!

Now on the flip side, from the customers perspective, when you think about going to McDonalds it really never occurs to you that something seriously tragic or horrible could potentially happen. Maybe they run out of 20 piece nuggets?

Maybe the fries aren’t crispy enough? Or maybe, worst case scenario they put pickles on your burger when you asked for no pickles! LOL! All kidding aside, sometimes things you could never imagine happening in your wildest dreams actually do occur..

This brings us to today’s story which features 22-year old Pedro Veloria, A hard working, driven and all around good guy from Miami, Florida. Pedro came from a low income family raised by his single mom who had to work 2-3 jobs just to makes ends meet.

When he was growing up he always took odd jobs like mowing lawns, painting fences or baby sitting to help relieve his mom of some of the financial burden. Pedro always got good grades in school and hoped to one day go to college, but his mother couldn’t afford to send him and he wasn’t eligible for any scholarships.

One night, Pedro and his family went out to go bowling which was their favorite family activity. On the way home they stopped at McDonalds and saw that they were hiring employees and the pay was above minimum wage. Pedro decided he would apply for the job and a couple days later he got it! This would be Pedro’s first real job and he could really start help his hard-working mother out with the bills.

He went through intensive training, learned the ins and outs of every aspect of the job and quickly fell into a daily routine. He would start work at the crack of dawn at 5am, work all day then go home help out with the kids, pass out then wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Although he was exhausted and working extremely hard, he always kept a positive attitude and would make sure no matter how small or insignificant his specific task was he did it with perfect precision!

One day Pedro was working the drive-thru. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and he was going about his shift like he always did. With a big smile, courteous, helpful and making sure everybody always got exactly what they ordered. That’s when something unimaginable began to unfold in the drive-thru line.

Pedro could hear kids crying in one of the cars. This wasn’t particularly strange because children screaming and crying in the back of their parents car at the drive-thru is something that happens on a daily basis. However, there was something different about the distinct sound of these particular kid’s screams!

It wasn’t the sound of some bratty kids whining, it sounded more like screams of pure terror and fear! The driver of the car was a woman and her head was down, she was hunched over the wheel and looked to be completely unconscious. Even worse the car was not stopped and was moving forward in the drive-thru line!

Pedro’s instincts immediately kicked in and he jumped through the drive-thru window like an olympic pole vaulter. He sprinted as fast as his legs would move, got to the car with the unresponsive lady, her scared kids and somehow got the vehicle to stop moving!

At this point the woman was still unconscious. Pedro quickly called for help and luckily there were two firefighters who were grabbing a bite at the McDonalds. They jumped from their table, ran to the car and began CPR to try and revive the unconscious mom.

The paramedics came next and the woman was brought to the hospital. Luckily because of Pedro’s quick thinking, rapid response time and just being an all around Good Samaritan and local hero nobody was hurt. The lady happened to be an off-duty cop and was still unconscious when she got to the hospital, but thankfully she made a full recovery!

Pedro had saved a police officer and her children’s life. He decided that it was time for his life to switch gears from McDonalds employee to becoming a paramedic so he could save people in need everyday of his life! What could’ve been a tragedy ended up being a wonderful happy ending thanks to Pedro!

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Girl Runs Out Of Restroom Crying In Mcdonald’s Then Her Mom Notices a Strange Spot On Her Leg!

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When you are a little kid you are always trying to prove to your older siblings and parents that you can do everything they can do. It’s a constant struggle between trying to grow up too quickly and not trying to stay a baby forever. So many kids do need to learn how to be on their own and be independent but, as a parent there is a very thin line between your child’s independence and safety.

This brings us to today’s heartbreaking story about a mother named Nicole and her four year old baby girl Kaya. One afternoon they went to good ol’ Mcdonald’s for lunch. Like many kids her age McDonalds is her favorite restaurant and a treat she always looks forward to. Between happy meals, the toys and the ball pits and slides, McDonalds is like heaven.

They arrived at McDonalds that day, ordered their food, ate it and everything was fine. Then she asked her mama if she could go to the bathroom on her own to prove that she wasn’t a baby anymore. Her mom said yes thinking it should be fine, she will wait right outside and what could possibly go wrong?

Seconds before the young girl went into the bathroom her mom noticed 2 teen girls giggling as they exited the restroom.. It wasn’t a big deal, just some kids being kids and she didn’t really pay too much mind to those teen girls.

Kaya went into the bathroom for a few minutes and everything seemed fine. All of a sudden, Nicole heard a shrill scream and hysterics coming from the bathroom like she had never heard before! This wasn’t the first time Kaya was screaming or crying, but there was something about the sound of fear and panic in her young daughters voice that she knew something was seriously amiss.

Nicole got into the bathroom and looked in horror as she saw Kaya a few feet from the toilet and she her leg was bleeding. Her mom rushed over to her not knowing what was going on.

They would later find out that those two giggling teens were laughing because they put superglue on the toilet so that the next person who sat down would get stuck! The poor victim to the teens cruel prank was Kaya, who somehow got herself off the seat but the top layer of skin on her leg was still stuck to the seat.

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