THIS Mom Put Up a Pic Of Her Child On Social Media. Then Her Friend Noticed a Disturbing Reflection In The Baby’s Eye!

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As soon as you log on to social media, there is a good chance you are going to be bombarded with 100’s of pictures of your friends babies, toddlers, grandkids exc.. Parents from all around the world love taking beautiful family photos and sharing their happy lives with everyone online. For the most part, this is a great way for friends and family from far and wide to get updates on their loved ones but sometimes it can lead to more serious consequences.

In today’s featured story we will discuss a story about a mom named Madeline Robb who is from Stratford, England. Madeline has a job as a business analyst for a company back in 2007. In that same year she and her spouse Doug found out the amazing news that they would be having their first child. The couple was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to start their family. Madeline being an analyst by trade also loves to carry this over into other parts of her life by researching and ‘analyzing’ things she is interested in.

As soon as she found out the great news about being pregnant she joined an online pregnancy group chat app called befit where expecting moms can talk and discuss everything they are experiencing and going through while receiving support simultaneously. She quickly hit it off with another mom on the chat app named Megan as they bonded and built up an amazing bond and wonderful friendship. As it turns out the two expecting moms and best friends ending up giving birth on the same exact day!

Megan gave birth to her daughter Rowan and Madeline gave birth to her daughter Lilith.¬†After they both gave birth to two healthy babies they continued their friendship and exchanged messages, photos and videos of their new families almost daily for the next year. Everything was going incredibly well for both moms and their families until one day everything changed…..

On this fateful day Megan posted an adorable picture of her daughter Rowan. On the surface it just seemed like a really cute photo but Madeline saw the photo and instantly became a bit concerned about a strange whitish blurry reflection in Rowan’s eye. Madeline vaguely recalled reading a story about a similar whitish blurry shadow in a child’s eye which turned out to be a rare form of cancer. As she tried to remember exactly what the story was she googled it and then her memory became crystal clear.

Before Madeline decided to alert Megan of her findings she wanted to be 100% sure about the hunch she had before sending Megan into a total mommy melt down. She went through tons of stories and articles just to clarify what she thought could possibly be going on and finally she decided to tell Megan that Rowan should immediately go see an eye doctor because there was a good chance the young child may have a rare form of eye cancer called Retinal Blastoma….

Watch the video below for the full story and to find out what happened to baby Rowan:

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THIS Nurse Attempts To Be ‘Sneaky’ With Little Girl But Her Mama Takes a Picture Posts It and Lets Everybody Know She Saw Her!

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Today’s story is a real tear-jerker which feature a 2-year old named Sophie who got very sick on May 18, 2017. Up until this point she ws a completely healthy and normal little girl. At first her parents thought she just had allergies, a bad cold or the flu but for some reason the sickness just wouldn’t go away.

One day she could barely breathe so they rushed her to a doctor who gave her an exam and thought it might just be a really bad allergy. She was scheduled to take an allergy test just a few days later however this would never happen. A day later the little one stopped breathing completely!

They quickly called 9-11 to get an ambulance to go to the hospital. What at first seemed like a bad allergy or cold snow balled into a horrifying nightmare that would be so much worse. At the hospital they did a scan of her chest and found a softball size mass in the poor girls chest.

Somehow she got T-cell lymphoma which is a rare cancer that if untreated could lead to death. Her parents were now living the worst possible nightmare. The little girl got chemo and doctors thought because they caught it relatively early it would be successful. But things would quickly take a turn for the worse as the chemo didn’t take and the lump began to spread to other parts of her body.

They now spent most of their days by the girl’s bed at the hospital, watching over their little angel and praying for a miracle recovery. Doctors decided that since the chemo had failed, they would attempt a stem cell transplant. While this family was going through hell, her mom noticed a nurse who tried to do her job and be unnoticed. At first her mom thought it was a bit strange how the nurse was so calm, quiet and did her best to not get in the way and cause any further stress.

Sophie’s mom who was at the hospital everyday, began to watch this nurse day in and day out. One afternoon when the nurse wasn’t looking she took a picture of her. Sophie’s mother and father created a facebook page for support and to document Shelby’s cancer. Mom posted the photo of the nurse to she took to the page and titled it “I See You…”

Watch the video below to read what she wrote and watch Sophie and her families full story:

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