Video: The Caught Their Dog’s Priceless Response To Her Cancer Test Results On Video. That Face!

Dani and her husband have a beloved  Golden Retriever named Lily who got sick overnight.  They rushed her to the veterinarian and received horrible news that she had a giant tumor on her spleen. “She was so anemic her breathing was affected and we had to make a fast choice.

They told us it was hemangiosarcoma, that more than half of Golden Retrievers die from it,” Dani wrote. “It comes in fast and she only had hours to live if we didn’t do surgery. Even if we did, she’d still only have months. There was only a 10% chance that it was the benign kind and they said in 25 years it’s never happened.”

Without a second thought Dani and her husband used most of their savings to go ahead with the surgery, even though they were warned of the slim chances of saving her.  A 6 pound tumor was removed during the surgery.  Lily seemed to be feeling remarkably better after the tumor removal, but Dani and her husband were warned that his newfound health would only be temporary.

One week later they got the results. The video is of Dani explaining the situation to Lily.  She tells her to sit down as she explains the details of the type of cancer and what the doctors have explained to them.  A truly remarkable moment is recorded that will change your day.

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