Are Your Hands and Feet Always Cold? THIS Is What It Means and Why!

Do you complain that your hands and feet are always cold, while others don’t seem to have that problem?  You may have been told that this is due to poor circulation, but contrary to popular thought, this is usually not the case!

Exposure to cold, for us “warm-blooded” humans, causes us to try to keep our internal body temperature normal, and the body does this by constricting small blood vessels.  It happens that the location of these small vessels are just under the surface of our hands and feet, which causes less blood to flow there, so that the deeper part of our body stays warm.

Your core stays warm while your extremities get colder faster.  In actuality, some people just experience the cold in their extremities moreso than others, but nothing may actually be wrong with your circulation.  There are some exceptions, that may have to do with nerve damage, or in Reynaud’s disease.  As with all issues, if you are concerned, go get checked out by your doctor.

I found the video you are about to watch below, really interesting and informative, about why some people seem to complain about being “always freezing” or “chronically boiling hot”.  Often married people argue about room temperature, because men tend to be hotter than women.

However, as you will hear, although weight and size, gender, diet, age, sleep patterns, lifestyle and how happy you are in your environment can influence warmth perception, there is something else going on here.

As “D News” explains in the upcoming footage, though all humans are warm-blooded…capable of regulating our internal body temperature regardless of the temperature of our environment, as individuals we vary widely on how hot or cold we feel. The key factor in temperature regulation begins in the BRAIN, and this is controlled by HORMONES.

Their discussion of of this crazy phenomenon goes into detail about gender differences, age, lifestyle, the effect of estrogen, your BMI and many other factors.  You may be surprised to hear of a study which found a link between loneliness and your perception of cold!  If your hands and feet are always cold, some lifestyle changes in becoming more active, are suggested.

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The Strange and Surprising Reason Why People Unexpectedly Twitch As They Try To Fall Asleep!

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Do you know what I love?  Getting answers to questions that you have always wondered about, but never thought to ask!

The video below, that you are about to watch, explains the fascinating theories related to the strange phenomenon that we have all experienced throughout our lives; that sudden jerking movement or FEELING OF FALLING, as you are going from consciousness into sleep.

So, What is that all about?  This scary, loss of control feeling, of trying to avoid falling, is referred to as a ‘hypnic jerk’ or ‘sleep start’.  Although many doctors believe this is just an “almost asleep” transition from wakefulness into unconsciousness, there are really interesting reasons to explain this transition.

The video explains the theories that have to do with the brain defending against the paralytic state of our organs,that keep us from running around when we sleep, in the transitional period.

As it is noted that this phenomenon occurs early on, when we are babies, the ‘hypnic jerk’ may be a developmental feature that we go through to learn how to control our limbs.

Our brains may continue to register this as a failing of our organs, as we get older, and continues to compensate by jerking us awake.  There is even a theory that incorporates our primate ancestors, the apes, as the origins of this bizarre phenomenon.

These and other explanations are explained in detail in the following footage, which I found to be really fascinating.

Watch the video below for further information. Let us know what you think.

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This Is The Super Strange and Unexpected Reason Mosquitoes Bite Some Humans A Lot More Than Others!

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Mosquitoes are nasty, highly irritating insects whose presence can easily ruin an otherwise perfect time. The way they buzz and swarm all around, waiting to land on someones warm skin to bite, is enough to drive anyone insane. The worst part about the pesky blood suckers is that they carry a number of diseases, which they can transmit straight into your body and bloodstream when they bite into you. Every year almost 700 million people worldwide end up contracting a mosquito borne illness, resulting in over a million deaths, and that number just keeps growing. This scary fact is what makes them the number one killer of humans.

Right now there there is currently an ongoing public health crisis surrounding the Zika Virus, which is being spread by mosquitoes and causing all sorts of health issues. It’s only the latest international health threat emerging that’s related directly to mosquito bites, and it’s in good company.

Throughout history there’s been many diseases spread mainly or exclusively by mosquitoes, including malaria, dengue, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and more. While it’s best to avoid the flying terrors all together, that’s basically impossible. People use all sorts of stuff to combat the pests but nothing is 100% effective against them, if they want to bite you, they will or die trying.

One way you can lessen the amount of bites is by knowing what attracts the skeeters in the first place. Basically, it depends on how you smell and since mosquitoes have excellent scent receptors in their antennae, they can easily smell any human within 100 feet. Unfortunately, it also comes down to genetics and 85% of the reason why mosquitoes prefer some people over others is because of their genetic makeup. Below are some of the factors that make someone a mosquito bite target:

1) Lactic acid production- People who produce more lactic acid, which is emitted from our bodies via the sweat glands, are more attractive to mosquitoes. The more perspiration and the older it is, the greater the buildup of lactic acid, meaning your a tasty meal. Research has proven that fresh sweat isn’t as attractive to a mosquito as day old sweat appears to be.

2) Bacteria- Bacteria living on the skin can vary greatly from person to person and affect how much they get bit by mosquitoes. If someone has bacteria types like Staphylococcus and Variovorax present on their skin, they will have more mosquito problems. The opposite is also true, and other types of bacteria act to make our skin less attractive to the pests. Some of these include Pseudomonas, Delftia, Leptotrichia, and Actinobacteria.

3) Blood type- What type of blood you have also factors into the risk of suffering more bites. Studies have found that mosquitoes are most drawn to those with type O blood, followed by type B and then type A. Also, if you’re among the estimated 85% of people who emit a certain chemical that gives away your blood type through the skin, the mosquitoes will bite you long before they bite those who lack the chemical. Apparently, the insects like to know exactly what type of blood they’ll be sucking.

4) Carbon Dioxide- Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 you exhale when breathing. Those who produce more of it get bit more, which sucks for pregnant women and heavy-set people who breathe heavier. Also, a related point is that beer drinkers tend to get bit more frequently because they too breathe more heavily when under the influence of a few beers.

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THIS Is The Strange Why Mosquitos Prefer To Bite Some Humans and Leave Others Alone!

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If you are a person whom mosquitos seem to find “attractive”, the video you are about to watch below, is for you.  People, like my husband, who aren’t as delicious as I am to mosquitos, often ‘poo-poo’ my not wanting to sit outside at nighttime, when it takes 5 minutes for me to be “eaten alive!”

Well, I can’t wait until he watches this video…it offers a comprehensive explanation as to why some people are bitten so often, while others don’t.  You may have heard the explanation that mosquito ‘victims’ have sweeter blood, but this is not the case.

Rather, it is the fact that people vary in the types of bacteria that exist on their skin, and some bacteria emit better smells than others, which determine whether the mosquitoes want a taste! In addition to differing bacteria, carbon dioxide given off in our breath, the heat of our bodies (RUNNERS BEWARE), and some other surprising factors make those who are bitten frequently, quite irresistible.

As there is more at stake than itchy bumps, the following footage which goes into greater detail about risks and protection, is a must-see.  As mosquitoes carry many potentially life-threatening diseases, making good choices concerning repellants, is extremely important.

Mosquito bites aren’t just an annoyance; given the health risks, watching this video will ensure a safer and more comfortable summer ahead.

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THIS Is The Strange and Unexpected Reason There Are Little Bumps On The J and F Keys On Your Keyboard!

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Technology and computing is always changing and advancing rapidly. It can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest developments in the world of tech and yet one thing seems to remain the same.

Computer keyboards are pretty much the same, year after year, save for a few cosmetic additions here and there such as backlit and ergonomic ones. Their overall design is a basic standard by now and keys have to be placed in the same set areas because of how people type.

It follows that most people know their keyboards like the back of their hand. On average, people spend hours a day in front of a computer. They are tied in with our lives and we use them for just about everything, from work and shopping to keeping in touch friends and family.

However, despite all of the time you spend using them, there is something about a keyboard that you may or may not have noticed before.

Look down at your keyboard and focus on the F and J keys. Do you see a little raised line or bump on them? Chances are, your computer has them because almost all modern computer makes and models come with this feature.

Out of all the other keys on the board, the F and J are the only two that sport these bumps. Why are they there? To help us position our fingers correctly without having to glance down and look at the keyboard. This helps improve touch typing speeds and makes the keyboard easier to use for some people.

The F and J keys were chosen for the location of the bumps because when most people place their hands on the keyboard their index fingers naturally come to rest near or directly on those keys. While the simple feature may or may not come in handy for you, now you know why it’s even there in the first place.

From a Capitalist perspective they are there to increase production and productivity! Who knew? Did you? Let us know!

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This Is Why There Is Extra Wood On The End Of Your Chopsticks. I’m So Glad I Learned THIS!

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If you’ve ever used disposable chopsticks then you know how tricky handling them for the first time can be. While some people are naturals at using the eating utensils, for most of us it takes a little more time, patience, and practice to truly master the art.

And unless you eat a lot of Chinese takeout, you probably don’t use them all that often. When you do happen to come across a pair, the first thing you have to do is unwrap them from the packaging. Next, you split them apart and break them in two, now they are ready for grabbing food and eating with.

If you’re like me and millions of other people who do exactly that, you just used your chopsticks wrong. That’s because there is a better, more useful way to break them apart. Instead of snapping them in half, break off the very top portion and then use that piece as a chopstick rest.

Now you have a clean spot off the table to rest your chopsticks and nothing will end up getting dirty. The clever trick has been described by many as a chopstick life hack after an Australian woman, who goes by the name BortofDarkness on Twitter, posted an image of it which quickly went viral.

The internet responded and for the most part people are fascinated by the information. Some even shared other related life hacks of their own. A popular tip that many people swear by involves modifying chopsticks to make them a lot easier to use.

The simple trick requires just a rubber band and a thin strip of paper. In this short video DaveHax shows you how to make a pair of user-friendly chopsticks. These are great for beginners and those who always seem to struggle with chopsticks, so be sure to check it out.

All you need to do is wrap a rubber band around one end of the chopsticks. Roll up a little piece of paper and slide it down in between the 2 sticks until it reaches the spot right in front of the rubber band. When you close the chopsticks it will spring back open since the rubber band and piece of paper give it resistance.

This makes them similar to tongs in that they grab food, and picking things up this way is a lot easier to do than with traditionally held chopsticks. Give it a try the next time you order some tasty lo mein and see if it works for you!

Watch the video below for more information!

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