Are Your Hands and Feet Always Cold? THIS Is What It Means and Why!

Do you complain that your hands and feet are always cold, while others don’t seem to have that problem?  You may have been told that this is due to poor circulation, but contrary to popular thought, this is usually not the case!

Exposure to cold, for us “warm-blooded” humans, causes us to try to keep our internal body temperature normal, and the body does this by constricting small blood vessels.  It happens that the location of these small vessels are just under the surface of our hands and feet, which causes less blood to flow there, so that the deeper part of our body stays warm.

Your core stays warm while your extremities get colder faster.  In actuality, some people just experience the cold in their extremities moreso than others, but nothing may actually be wrong with your circulation.  There are some exceptions, that may have to do with nerve damage, or in Reynaud’s disease.  As with all issues, if you are concerned, go get checked out by your doctor.

I found the video you are about to watch below, really interesting and informative, about why some people seem to complain about being “always freezing” or “chronically boiling hot”.  Often married people argue about room temperature, because men tend to be hotter than women.

However, as you will hear, although weight and size, gender, diet, age, sleep patterns, lifestyle and how happy you are in your environment can influence warmth perception, there is something else going on here.

As “D News” explains in the upcoming footage, though all humans are warm-blooded…capable of regulating our internal body temperature regardless of the temperature of our environment, as individuals we vary widely on how hot or cold we feel. The key factor in temperature regulation begins in the BRAIN, and this is controlled by HORMONES.

Their discussion of of this crazy phenomenon goes into detail about gender differences, age, lifestyle, the effect of estrogen, your BMI and many other factors.  You may be surprised to hear of a study which found a link between loneliness and your perception of cold!  If your hands and feet are always cold, some lifestyle changes in becoming more active, are suggested.

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The Next Time You Get A Bad Bruise Grab A Bag Of Marshmallows. The Reason I Had No Idea!

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The age old trick of placing an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas on a bruised body part is something most everyone has done at some point in life. In medical terms it’s what is known as a form of cold compression.

The reason why we do this is that when an ice cold object is pressed on the affected area it works to greatly reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Our bodies heal and recover faster and your pain and discomfort is alleviated.

Any cold object can be used, but the most common things people reach for is frozen gel packs, bags of veggies, and ice cubes is a bag. When you don’t have any gel packs or veggies on hand the go to method is almost always ice cubes.

If you’ve ever used the ice in a plastic bag method, then you know how much of a pain and messy it can be. The cubes are awkward and slide all around as they melt so it’s hard to keep them on the bruised area.

Young children usually complain about them too, because pressing slippery, freezing cold blocks of ice on bumps and bruises can be painful and it quickly gets annoying.

There is a much better alternative that you can and should use for a cold compress, and kids of all ages will love it. All you need to do is stick a bag of marshmallows in the freezer for a few minutes and when they’re cold enough press them on whatever hurts.

Marshmallows are ideal for several reasons, one being that they’re able to quickly absorb cold. All it takes is a couple of minutes in the freezer and you’re good to go.

Another reason is that they are much softer than hard blocks of ice and can be easily squished onto and molded around awkward body parts like wrists, ankles, and elbows. A bag of them can even be used as a sort of cushioned support when weight is pressed down on it.

Whereas ice cubes will usually just slip all around and not stay in one place, the marshmallows won’t. What it comes down to is that tossing a bag of soft marshmallows in the freezer is an ideal alternative to using ice cubes and packs on a bruised area.

It’s a quick, low cost, re-usable, kid friendly, and when you’re done using them you have a tasty snack on hand to eat!

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This Guy Takes A Reflective Sun Shade And Puts It On A Piece Of His Shoe For a Genius Reason!

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Even though a lot of the United States winter is over, chilly days are still here, and there will no doubt be plenty of really cold days ahead. The one thing that will always make you suffer from the cold, regardless of how well protected the rest of your body is, are cold feet!

I buy warm winter boots, and those “smart socks” that are supposed to really insure warmth. If I’m outside for a prolonged period of time, I’ve even tried foot warmers that last for a while. However, I always end up with that awful feeling of my toes going numb, and then there is no getting rid of the chill.

The foot warmers require replacement, since they only work once, so when I saw this amazing heat insulating trick online I had to try it. In the video you are about to watch below, the IntenseAngler YouTube channel shows you how to make your own insulating shoe insert, that can be used over and over…and it actually works fantastically!

All you need to pick up is one of those reflective sun shields that people use on their car windows. He shows you how to cut the material for your winter shoes or boots; this material not only insulates from the cold but reflects body heat back to your feet.

The result is an amazing remedy for freezing cold feet and toes!

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