THIS Is The Strange Why Mosquitos Prefer To Bite Some Humans and Leave Others Alone!

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If you are a person whom mosquitos seem to find “attractive”, the video you are about to watch below, is for you.  People, like my husband, who aren’t as delicious as I am to mosquitos, often ‘poo-poo’ my not wanting to sit outside at nighttime, when it takes 5 minutes for me to be “eaten alive!”

Well, I can’t wait until he watches this video…it offers a comprehensive explanation as to why some people are bitten so often, while others don’t.  You may have heard the explanation that mosquito ‘victims’ have sweeter blood, but this is not the case.

Rather, it is the fact that people vary in the types of bacteria that exist on their skin, and some bacteria emit better smells than others, which determine whether the mosquitoes want a taste! In addition to differing bacteria, carbon dioxide given off in our breath, the heat of our bodies (RUNNERS BEWARE), and some other surprising factors make those who are bitten frequently, quite irresistible.

As there is more at stake than itchy bumps, the following footage which goes into greater detail about risks and protection, is a must-see.  As mosquitoes carry many potentially life-threatening diseases, making good choices concerning repellants, is extremely important.

Mosquito bites aren’t just an annoyance; given the health risks, watching this video will ensure a safer and more comfortable summer ahead.

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