Which Of The 4 Introvert Types Are You?

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According to scientists, there are four types of introverts. Which type most closely aligns with your personality type? Are you terrified to go out in public, and even thinking about the sound of someone knocking on your door causes you to break out in a cold sweat?

Or are you totally comfortable in social situations, and everyone you know would say you are extroverted, even though you know deep down inside that you are really an introvert? You may not mind being with other people, you might even genuinely enjoy it, but you need your alone time and feel drained when you are around too many people for too long, at the expense of spending time alone?

The four types of introverts are as follows:

The social introvert, who prefers to be alone or in small groups, but not because she is nervous in a larger group. She just prefers it that way.

Next is the anxious introvert, who is similar to the social introvert in that he prefers small groups of familiar people or solitude, but the anxious type steers clear of large groups of strangers out of anxiety, and is often still anxious even when alone.

The contemplative type is introverted because they like to get lost in their own fantasy world, and it is a creative or imaginative introversion that does not result from fear of social situations.

The last type, restrained introversion, could also be referred to as reserved. They like to think before they speak, and often times take a while to get moving on things, including getting up in the morning and getting into their day.

The idea that there are four types of introvert, rather than one blanket category, has come about due to the incongruence between the status quo scientific definition, and how introverts define themselves. Scientists started to notice the inconsistency, and have come up with these four categories to more accurately describe peoples’ actual experience in life.

Which type of introvert are you? Let us know!

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