They Have Always Known About This! However It Has Been Kept Secret For Years!

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Unless you have been growing up under rock you have probably heard of the iconic structures such as, The Eiffel Tower, The Roman Colosseum, The Lincoln Memorial, Trafalgar Square, The Washington Monument, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Elizabeth Tower That Holds The Popular Big Ben, The Pyramids of Giza, That Statue of Liberty, and finally the Legendary Disney Land! In this article we are going to go over some secrets that the majority of the population of planet earth doesn’t know about these major structures in hour human civilization.

~ The Eiffel Tower – If you have ever visited Paris, France it is more than likely that you visited the beautiful and spectacular Eiffel Tower. Millions travel from countries all around the world just to lay eyes on the magnificent structure. If you decide to enter the structure, there is a beautiful built in elevator that will bring you to the top. While most people know about the majestic view from the top of the Eiffel Tower many are unaware of a secret room that was built into the structure. It is unclear why the secret room is even there or what the purpose of it is.

Sometimes they do allow people to visit the room, but it is pretty rare. One documented person who spent almost a week in the secret room is none other than the legendary Thomas Edison. It’s just very peculiar that the room is there but they never talk about it. Could there be some other purpose they aren’t telling us about? We may never know!

~ The Roman Colosseum – If you have ever traveled to Rome, Italy I would bet you probably stopped off to see the incredible Roman Colosseum. The strange secret about the Roman Colosseum is that there is a large and intricate tunnel system called the Hypogeum Tunnel underneath the structure that was strictly off limits to the public for thousands of year until 2010 when they finally began allowing people down there..

Back in the heyday of the Roman Empire these tunnels were used for prisoners, gladiators and the large animals such as Lions, Panthers, Elephants and Leopards to keep them caged before a big event. Their cages had Pully-Systems that would lift animals and gladiators directly up to the main floor of the Colosseum.

~ The Lincoln Memorial – If you have ever traveled to Washington D.C. you probably stopped by one of the most popular tourist attraction the Lincoln Memorial. Many students in Middle School or High School usually have a class field trip to Washington D.C. where the memorial is one of the first stops. The majority of tourists and the public at large have no idea that there is a secret door on the side of the structure. If you enter the secret door, you will walk up some steps, which lead to an actual cave, with stalactites and all!

~ Trafalgar Square – One of the most famous places to check out in London, England is Trafalgar Square. This square is known for historical protests, mass movements, demonstrations and sometimes even looting would take place. Because there was always so much going on there were always a lot of Police Officers trying to keep the peace.

Many have no idea about the secret building in this square, that there is a smallest Police Station in the world was built in the square and only one officer can fit into at once! There is a a light which pretty much blends in as a street light, which was used to alert other officers in the area that things were getting out of hand and he would need back up!

~ The Washington Monument – This is another huge attraction in Washington D.C. that millions of people visit every year. While millions come to view the structure, many have no idea that there is an exact secret replica of the Monument very close to the main structure. This tiny version is called Benchmark A. They apparently use it for synchronizing satellites and maps or so they say.

When it was first constructed in the 1800’s it was built above ground, but as the land around it began to change Benchmark A has actually been swallowed up and is now underground! Apparently it sinks deeper into the ground at a rate of .5mm each year.

~ The Leaning Tower of Pisa – One of the most iconic buildings in all of Italy. Millions of tourists and travelers come to see the strange tilted tower every year. You are allowed to go into the interior, however at the top again, there is a secret hidden room almost nobody knows about. It is rumored that the room held the initial blueprints which were drawn up to make the tower lean.

The theory is the original blueprints are kept in this secret room, and the public has never ever been allowed to enter this secret room. Other’s believe the tower leans because the land underneath it has shifted. This is one mystery we may never get to the bottom of.

~ The Elizabeth Tower That Holds The Popular Big Ben – The beautiful building is in Westminster London, and is one of the most famous places in the entire world! Although millions and millions of people travel to see the structure many are denied access to the interior. When you walk inside there are exactly 334 stairs which lead you to the top where Big Ben is. Since it’s inception it has been near impossible for tourists to gain access to the interior.

In order to go in, you would have to fill out paper work and actually apply for a permit to walk up the steps. One secret locals may not mention to a tourist is even with applying with a permit access to the interior of Big Ben has only been granted to citizens of London.

~ Pyramids of Giza – This is the most famous pyramid on planet earth. It is also one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and out of these ancient wonders it is the oldest one! There are tons secret rooms and passageways within the pyramid that people have tried to access for years. For 1000’s of years nobody even knew the secret rooms existed till scanners from modern technology detected them and archaeologist gained access. To make things even weirder these secret rooms are completely empty. There is nothing in them at all! This mystery will probably never be solved.

~ The Statue of Liberty – Probably the USA’s most famous landmarks. The statue was a gift from the French. Many people don’t know the secret that you used to be able to climb above the crown of lady liberty inside the torch. However the original torch was destroyed and access obviously had been cut off. Recently they have done a renovation and a new torch was resurrected. Many people have tried to gain access to the new torch!

~ Disney Land – Probably the most iconic and popular theme parks on planet earth. Children and their parents flock to the park every single year. It is absolutely a magical place! Alcohol is prohibited for almost 99% of Disney Land however, there is a little known secret named Club 33 which exists within the park.

The only way to get into Club 33 is a door that is hidden and unmarked on the outskirts of New Orleans Square. Club 33 is the only place in all of Disney that you can consume and alcohol beverage. It is thought that Walt Disney himself had Club 33 constructed so if he ever was hosting guests he could bring them inside. Another little known fact is Walt never even got inside Club 33 because he had passed away before construction was finished!

Club 33 is now open to the public, but it costs 25 thousand dollars to join initially to even enter the place and if you want to come back you have to play 12 grand a year to stay in the club. Almost nobody will ever get inside unless they have an unnecessary amount of money to blow.

Watch the video below for further information and photos, video clips and much more of all these magical, mysterious and secret places:

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Guy Is Completely Stunned When His Driveway Suddenly Collapses But Then a Hidden Secret Room Is Revealed!

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When you own your own house, you have to fix any problems that pop up, especially ones that are of major immediate concern.  A water pipe or heater breaking can’t be left for a rainy day and a huge gaping hole in your driveway should also be checked out asap.  Such was the case for Simon Marks, a computer support worker from Luton, England.

He was simply backing out of driveway one Saturday afternoon when the front tire of his car suddenly became stuck on something.  The whole thing lurched forward and when he got out to inspect what had happened, he immediately noticed that his driveway had a large hole in it. The strange gap had seemingly opened up out of nowhere and after freeing his car from it he had a closer look.  

Upon inspection he noticed that the hole appeared to be quite large and deep, cavernous even.  For a moment he thought perhaps it was a sinkhole that could possibly swallow up his house, but the closer he examined the hole, the more it looked like he’d stumbled upon something else entirely.  Needing to know what really lay beneath his driveway, he began removing the cracked cement slab and dirt. What he found underneath was what appeared to be an old rusted ladder poking up from the mud.

Simon found it very odd that there would be a ladder in his driveway.  He’d bought the house from an old couple who were the original owners and the property records showed it had been nothing but empty land before being built.  Even still, there was definitely something underneath his driveway that the ladder was leading down into.  

Simon had called his father Gerald to come over and when he arrived, the two of them got to digging.  They soon both agreed on what Simon had most likely found; an air raid shelter from World War II. Slowly but steadily they removed bucket after bucket of mud from the hole and a room slowly emerged.  Soon they were able to crouch in the space and that’s when they discovered that there was a door which led to another room!  

After researching the bomb shelter, they realized that there had been quite a few built in the area.  This one had likely been built after a German bomb had landed nearby and after a well preserved newspaper was found in the shelter, it seemed to confirm their hunch. 

They later surmised that after the war the shelter had been filled in with dirt before the house was then built, with the driveway right over the doorway. When the hinges eventually rusted and crumbled away, the door fell into the shelter which weakened the concrete covering.  The final straw was when Simon drove over it with his car and caused the concrete to collapse, leading to his awesome discovery.

Watch this video below for the full story:

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He Built His Son An Incredible Bed. But When He Grabs This Book I Never Expected This Surprise!

Kids love nothing more than exploring new things and playing games, especially hide and go seek. They spend hours at a time romping around with their friends and often find the best hiding places. It’s a great way to keep them busy and active, and after a long day of play they are usually really worn out.

Children also love neat, comfortable, unique beds. Whether it’s bunk style or a race car bed, we have all dreamed of having a cool place to sleep when we were young. One dad, Eric Strong, took all of this and more into consideration when the time came for his son to get a new bed.

The boy was fast outgrowing his small convertible toddler bed and his little sister was bound to soon inherit it.  When he ran this fact by his son the youngster agreed to give up the bed on one condition, that his dad upgrade his sleeping quarters, by giving him “the most awesome bed ever.”

Knowing that his kid loved playing with things like marble runs, kinetic sculptures, playground slides, and exploring and hiding in general, he set about incorporating aspects related to them into the bed. His son was definitely going to get the best bed ever!

All it took was a little imagination, an IKEA Kura bed design, a few basic items and tools, and some time. The finished bed is far from average and has cool features that include a slide, pulley, and ball run. However, the best part about it by far is the hidden compartment.

The lower portion of the bed contains a builtin bookcase which conceals the entrance to it, and when a certain book is pulled the case swings inwards, and opens up to reveal the secret room. It’s clear that Mr. Strong honored the bed deal he made with his son, and fulfilled the condition that it be awesome, because this bed is all that and more.

I know I shouldn’t be jealous of a kid’s bed, but in this case I am! To see the entire process, from concept to construction to finish, check out the awesome video Mr. Strong made.

He did an excellent job explaining and showing how he built the bed and goes over all the materials he used. And while this may be quite the project for some people, he makes it look super easy!

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