Guy Is Completely Stunned When His Driveway Suddenly Collapses But Then a Hidden Secret Room Is Revealed!

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When you own your own house, you have to fix any problems that pop up, especially ones that are of major immediate concern.  A water pipe or heater breaking can’t be left for a rainy day and a huge gaping hole in your driveway should also be checked out asap.  Such was the case for Simon Marks, a computer support worker from Luton, England.

He was simply backing out of driveway one Saturday afternoon when the front tire of his car suddenly became stuck on something.  The whole thing lurched forward and when he got out to inspect what had happened, he immediately noticed that his driveway had a large hole in it. The strange gap had seemingly opened up out of nowhere and after freeing his car from it he had a closer look.  

Upon inspection he noticed that the hole appeared to be quite large and deep, cavernous even.  For a moment he thought perhaps it was a sinkhole that could possibly swallow up his house, but the closer he examined the hole, the more it looked like he’d stumbled upon something else entirely.  Needing to know what really lay beneath his driveway, he began removing the cracked cement slab and dirt. What he found underneath was what appeared to be an old rusted ladder poking up from the mud.

Simon found it very odd that there would be a ladder in his driveway.  He’d bought the house from an old couple who were the original owners and the property records showed it had been nothing but empty land before being built.  Even still, there was definitely something underneath his driveway that the ladder was leading down into.  

Simon had called his father Gerald to come over and when he arrived, the two of them got to digging.  They soon both agreed on what Simon had most likely found; an air raid shelter from World War II. Slowly but steadily they removed bucket after bucket of mud from the hole and a room slowly emerged.  Soon they were able to crouch in the space and that’s when they discovered that there was a door which led to another room!  

After researching the bomb shelter, they realized that there had been quite a few built in the area.  This one had likely been built after a German bomb had landed nearby and after a well preserved newspaper was found in the shelter, it seemed to confirm their hunch. 

They later surmised that after the war the shelter had been filled in with dirt before the house was then built, with the driveway right over the doorway. When the hinges eventually rusted and crumbled away, the door fell into the shelter which weakened the concrete covering.  The final straw was when Simon drove over it with his car and caused the concrete to collapse, leading to his awesome discovery.

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