Nobody Believed Them When They Described Their Pups Daily Ritual. So They Caught THIS On Video

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Maddie may be the smartest puppy alive, but that does not make her immune to the summer heat. Unlike her furry friends who do not share her Einsteinesque IQ, she uses her wits to cool herself down in a much more practical way than the classic hyperventilate-with-my-tongue-out routine that is so popular amongst her peers. Instead, she uses secret espionage techniques to learn the inner workings of the fabled garden hose, practicing under the veil of darkness until her technique is flawless. Once mastered, it is time to implement her unprecedented abilities for their intended purpose: to keep cool during the dog days of summer. Using her keen eye, she spots an opportune moment and goes for it.

Grasping the hose with her opposable teeth, she simultaneously turns it on with her formidable powers of telekinesis. Sauntering to the empty pool with efficient grace, she carefully places the running hose inside.

There is just one problem: it is not quite in the right spot. You see, her incredible brain power is not enough to conquer forty thousand years of dog evolution. Apparently, the same part of a dog’s mind that forces them to walk in seventy four circles before lying down, also causes a bit of an issue for our dear Maddie.

She moves the hose countless times, trying to find the perfect spot. Even after all that practice, she just can’t quite find it, but she does forget she was hot in the process, thereby inadvertently succeeding in her original goal.

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He Attached THIS Hose To A Coffee Can. The Final Result Is Unexpectedly Awesome!

There’s something about dry ice that just fascinates people. Maybe it has something to do with it’s powerful nature that makes it so dramatic! It was once the “go-to”, before refrigeration, to get perishable items sent long distance. Today, in the medical and scientific fields, it is still widely used for cooling.

This DIY revolves around the more theatrical nature of dry ice. YouTuber KipKay cleverly shows us how to manipulate dry ice to become misty fog, that happens when it gets converted from solid to gas. It’s a great weekend project to do with your friends or kids.

For those of you who just love the mysterious atmosphere created by a fog machine, watch this creation and let us know if you have fun making it. Always remember that you need proper ventilation when manipulating dry ice, because it is carbon dioxide. Keep your work space filled with oxygen!

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