Nervous Little Pup Figures Out an Adorable Way Down The Steps

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It never fails to amaze me how smart dogs are.  They are amazing problem solvers, as you will this in he video you are about to watch.  This little pup’s ‘dad’ wants him to learn how to walk down the front stairs outside of  their front door.  He puts him down and encourages him to do it!

The adorable little ball of fluff, fully gets what is expected of him.  He goes to one side then the other, scouting out the situation of the stairs.  “Hmmm (he seems to be thinking) I don’t think so”!  This little guy thinks quickly about what the best solution is to his dilemma.  Those stairs look like an obstacle course that just isn’t for him!

He thinks quickly about how he is going to make it down the stairs without using them. His unexpected solution is laugh out loud hilarious!  He surprises everyone with what he does and laughter abounds.  Hope you enjoy this funny video as much as I did!

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