This Bulldog Pup Attempts To Balance On A Hammock. The Results Are An Unexpected Surprise!

The question is, what is going through the mind of Columbus, the adorable bulldog in the video you are about to watch? At first he just seems to be trying to get settled on the hammock in his yard in Hungary. It is pouring rain, so this couldn’t be his solution for getting out of the rain, could it? No, not at all! Apparently, this cute little fella’s favorite place to be, when it rains, is on this hammock. Well, not exactly on it!

According to his owner, who luckily was able to capture Columbus in action, says that his laugh out loud activity on the hammock, is all about a place to “see saw” while he tries to bite the rain drops! As you watch his antics, it seems that he is trying to balance on the hammock, but as soon as he gets settled in the middle he romps to the edge and slides off it.

Columbus is just like a kid playing joyfully in the rain. He isn’t having trouble balancing at all. That’s just not his goal. Resting on the the hammock is just too boring, so he keeps tipping it over, turning it into a slide over and over and over again. He’s not upset at all, but barks to signal that he’s on his favorite “slip n’ slide”, and is calling out “Watch me do it again mom!”

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If You Press and Hold This Point On Your Forefinger For 60 Seconds THIS Happens To Your Body

There is an ever ongoing and constant search for alternative, natural ways to help treat health conditions and disorders. People don’t want to be forced to rely on modern health options that usually involve harsh, complex, and expensive pharmaceuticals. Perhaps the answer lies not just in the complex modern products out there, but also in the more simple and ancient practices that were developed centuries ago.

Many people end up turning to homeopathic remedies in an effort to naturally balance, restore, and heal both their bodies and minds. One of the most popular, effective, non-invasive, and natural treatment methods comes from the alternative medicine field of reflexology. Reflexology is the stimulation of reflex points to relieve and help regulate abnormalities between different body parts.

By massaging and applying pressure to specific points you can help bring about physical changes to your body. It works by increasing the blood flow and stimulating the thousands of nerves located in our hands and feet. In fact, human hands and feet have well over 15,000 nerves and they all connect to form a network that reaches different areas of the body, such as our main organs and glands.

Reflexology offers an easy, all natural way to help treat a variety of health issues and people have found that by using the simple techniques at home they could dramatically relieve pain and discomfort caused by many common ailments.

One major point found on the hand is primarily used to help relieve pain and discomfort stemming from headaches and migraines. The point is located right above the webbing between the thumb and index fingers on each hand. To activate it, press firmly down on the point while massaging and rotating in a circular or back and forth motion for at least 60 seconds and up to a couple of minutes at a time.

Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable, sit back and close your eyes, and breathe evenly in and out. This may be done anywhere at anytime of the day and it can be repeated however many times you’d like. The accompanying video shows you exactly where and how this self-massage should be done and also demonstrates a number of other hand reflexology points and techniques.

Who knows, a simple hand and finger massage may be just the thing your health and body could benefit from. Either way, it’s a great way to both start off and unwind after a long stressful day. Plus, there’s no harm in trying so you may as well do so today. Don’t forget to pass this along to help others find comfort and better health in their own lives!

Below is more information on what organs and bodily ills each finger corresponds with:

Thumb: Linked to the stomach and spleen. It helps eliminate stress, digestion, and tension in the upper body, lungs, and head. It also helps with nervousness, headaches, skin issues, and stomach aches.

Index Finger: Linked with the kidneys and bladder. It helps eliminate mental confusion, fear, frustration, and self-criticism. It also helps with backaches, constipation, digestion, and jaw, teeth and gum issues.

Middle Finger: Linked to the liver and gall bladder. It helps eliminate irritability and anger. It also helps with eyesight, frontal lobe headaches, indecision, and feelings over general fatigue.

Ring Finger: Linked to the lungs and large intestine. It helps eliminate negativity, sadness, grief, and feelings of rejection. It also helps with skin conditions, excessive mucus, ringing in the ear, respiratory functions, and negative attitude.

Little Finger: Linked to the heart and small intestine. It helps to eliminate insecurity, nervousness, and low self esteem. It also helps with blood pressure, sore throat, bloating, bone and nerve problems, and heart conditions.

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