2 Naughty Grannies Spot A Handsome Young Man. What They Do Next Is Unexpectedly Hilarious.

Two elderly women have gotten together for quite a prank.  I kept looking to see if they were young women made to look older.  Nope, they are just the age they look and not only haven’t they lost their senses of humor, but clearly they haven’t lost their libidos!

Sitting there with a boom box, they each take turns feigning that they need help from younger men of all ages.  Get ready for big laughs, as they pull tricks like pretending to lose hold of their walker.  Reaching out to a man to catch her balance, she pulls him in for a dance and a squeeze!

The friends take turns playing tricks to get men to dance with them.  It is hysterical watching the men’s reactions as they go to help and get shocked by what they encounter.  Prepare to really laugh out loud!  I was crying.. I was laughing so hard!

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