9 Year Old Steps Up To THIS Public Piano. But THIS Song She Plays Leaves Everyone Speechless!

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There is a red piano sitting in the middle of a busy metro area that says, “PLAY ME I’M YOURS!”  It sits in London’s Canary Wharf station, one-of-many “street pianos” set up by British artist Luke Jerram.  Luke’s hope is that these pianos, decorated and hosted by artists all around the world, will engage people in a way that will bring enrichment to their urban environment. There is nothing better than the magic of music to bring people together and sometimes somebody’s musical skills are so advanced it will make your jaw drop!

In the video you are about to watch below, a 9-year old little girl sits down at the piano, and begins to play. Her name is Asta Dora Finnsdottir, from Finland, and she is on vacation with her parents.  When she first sat down people probably thought she would play ‘Hot Cross Buns’ or ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’. But Oh how wrong these unsuspecting onlookers would be. As she begins to play a crowd begins to surround her and the piano in disbelief!

The situation must’ve been so surreal in person. She starts playing Mozart’s “The Turkish March”.  But she isn’t only playing it, she is hitting every note with perfection, precision and perfect timing. This 9-year-old savant plays with such unexpected magnificence, it almost feel like Mozart himself has taken over her hands and his playing the concerto himself!

Her talent is so far beyond her years and I’m sure we will be hearing much more from her in the coming years. She inspires such passion and delight, as her fingers nimbly produce the music of a virtuoso!  BRAVO! ENCORE!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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Nobody Believed Them When They Described Their Dog’s Nightly Ritual. So They Filmed THIS

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This  6-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix has chops…musical chops that is! Sadie was saved from the animal shelter in 2009.  When her humans rescued her there was no way they could predict her unprecedented talent. Her owners, who live in Edmonton, had no idea she was a musical “virtuoso”.

Okay, maybe it’s a stretch calling her a virtuoso, but by dog standards of musicality she is impressive.  As her owner encourages her, Sadie’s posture and paw playing show incredible intelligence and coordination. I really don’t think I have ever seen a dog with this much musical skills…

She has that “it” quality that true performers embody.  Adorably she hides her snout when she feels she’s made a mistake that truly only she could sense.  Her owner lovingly encourages her, “It’s okay, try again,” and so she does.  Enjoy this clever video and don’t miss the finale where Sadie takes a bow!

Make sure you watch it the end! 🙂

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He Has Been Homeless For 7 Years But After His Makeover His Transformation Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Homeless for the past seven years, fifty one year old former Marine Donald Gould unexpectedly had his life turned upside down when someone shot a video of him doing what he did every day: making magic for passerbys on a public piano. The video immediately went viral, taking the internet by storm. He was simply expressing himself without expecting anything in return, and karma finally rewarded him.

As a direct result of his sudden rise to internet stardom, a group of people who saw Gould’s story on youtube decided to give him a makeover of his appearance, and ultimately, his life. First, it’s off to the store to get a new wardrobe.

Next, they take him to a barber shop to get a haircut and a fresh shave, his first in eighteen months. But that’s not all, they then give him something that will last much longer than a new shirt or a haircut.

Utilizing his incredible musical abilities, they were able to get him a job playing piano at a local restaurant, supplying him with a new lease on life that goes far beyond his appearance. He is now empowered to take his life by the reins and start fresh, which he accepts with open arms.

His first desire is to reach out to his estranged son, taken from the from him after his life fell into ruins following the untimely death of his wife. He is hoping that the unexpected wave of attention that he is receiving will allow his son to come find him, and I sincerely hope his search is successful.

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An Old Woman At A Bus Stop Sits Down And Begins Playing The Piano. Seconds Later My Jaw Dropped!

People are standing at a bus stop, in the humdrum of their lives, when something really extraordinary occurs. Someone has left an old piano on the street where they are waiting. An old woman, walking with a walker, lingers. She has scraggly gray long hair; perhaps she is homeless.

Whatever her lot in life, within her lies something so beautiful, it is astounding! She steps away from her walker and sits on the piano bench. She lifts her arthritic fingers to the keyboard and she is transformed. Those fingers lightly touch the keys as she begins to play, and as you watch this you can’t help but wonder what is going to happen.

Her light touch begins to build, as the fluidity of her playing astounds those watching. She is no longer old and frail, but a young woman whose talent has laid dormant for many years. Her playing is so remarkable that I found myself holding my breath as I watched and listened.

Who was she? Had she been a professional musician? Perhaps we will never know her story, but it is certain that music brings her alive! It is deeply imbedded in her soul, and given this unexpected opportunity, it poured out of her. Her performance was nothing short of magical! The people listening were blown away, and you will be too.

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When He Starts Playing Piano The Cockatiel Opens His Beak And Does THIS!

It has always fascinated me how certain birds have the capability to imitate sounds that they hear. Sometimes it can be annoying when they keep repeating the same words over and over; often it is funny when they say off color phrases they have heard. However, some birds have huge vocabularies and don’t just repeat the same words over and over.

The cockatiel is a beautiful multicolored bird, who has particularly great ability to mimic sounds. The cockatiel’s colorful exterior only contributes to a fraction of it’s magnificent character. As is the norm, this male that you will listen to in this video, has an exemplary talent for whistling and singing tunes he has heard.

The males have this inbred ability for it’s beautiful musical tones in order to attract the female species. Watch what happens as this particularly talented bird is accompanied on the piano by its owner. When the accompaniment stops for a moment, the musicality and intelligence of this bird is startling and impressive. Enjoy!

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When This Elephant Heard Music Playing He Came Over And Did Something That Stunned Everyone!

They say an elephant never forgets.  I say I will never forget this enormously talented elephant.  His name is Peter and he plays piano better than most rookies do, considering that he is not trained, bribed, or forced in any way to partake in creating his tunes.  What you see on the video is him jumping in on the keys spontaneously and under his own free will.  Peter’s reaction was caught during an evening encounter with a visiting pianist, Paul Barton, who traveled to his home at the Royal Elephant Kraal in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

When Mr. Barton started playing the piano, Peter started to boogie.  The elephant joined his visitor for a duet and happily pounded his trunk on the keys to hit the high notes.  All the while he bopped his massive head up and down and swayed to the beat.  At one point, even his friend got in on the action and shook her behind to the melody right alongside him.

Peter noticeably flapped his ears back and forth, a common way to express joy and excitement.  He also seems to be making chirping sounds.  Captive elephants have learned to associate chirping with food rewards from their mahouts.  This is because humans find the chirps to be cute and charming, so when they make the sounds it is them asking for bananas, food, and other tasty treats.

Speaking of mahouts, the man in the background filming with a tablet is Pat, Peter’s 24/7 caretaker.  He is responsible for his elephant friend’s health, safety, and as protection against other potentially aggressive bull elephants.

The two share a remarkably close bond and he is not prodding Peter in this clip. He is actually reminding his giant friend to be aware of his size and to not get carried away as he has in the past.  On those occasions Peter ended up smashing the keys in his excitement, so his mahout knows to step in when, and if, necessary.

My favorite part is towards the end when Mr. Barton turns to his new virtuoso and gives his trunk a high five.  They share a moment before he commends him on the performance and tells him “good job.”  What a memorable encounter for both of them!  Watch the clip to truly appreciate it:

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