An Old Woman At A Bus Stop Sits Down And Begins Playing The Piano. Seconds Later My Jaw Dropped!

People are standing at a bus stop, in the humdrum of their lives, when something really extraordinary occurs. Someone has left an old piano on the street where they are waiting. An old woman, walking with a walker, lingers. She has scraggly gray long hair; perhaps she is homeless.

Whatever her lot in life, within her lies something so beautiful, it is astounding! She steps away from her walker and sits on the piano bench. She lifts her arthritic fingers to the keyboard and she is transformed. Those fingers lightly touch the keys as she begins to play, and as you watch this you can’t help but wonder what is going to happen.

Her light touch begins to build, as the fluidity of her playing astounds those watching. She is no longer old and frail, but a young woman whose talent has laid dormant for many years. Her playing is so remarkable that I found myself holding my breath as I watched and listened.

Who was she? Had she been a professional musician? Perhaps we will never know her story, but it is certain that music brings her alive! It is deeply imbedded in her soul, and given this unexpected opportunity, it poured out of her. Her performance was nothing short of magical! The people listening were blown away, and you will be too.

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