Nobody Believed Them When They Described Their Dog’s Nightly Ritual. So They Filmed THIS

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This  6-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix has chops…musical chops that is! Sadie was saved from the animal shelter in 2009.  When her humans rescued her there was no way they could predict her unprecedented talent. Her owners, who live in Edmonton, had no idea she was a musical “virtuoso”.

Okay, maybe it’s a stretch calling her a virtuoso, but by dog standards of musicality she is impressive.  As her owner encourages her, Sadie’s posture and paw playing show incredible intelligence and coordination. I really don’t think I have ever seen a dog with this much musical skills…

She has that “it” quality that true performers embody.  Adorably she hides her snout when she feels she’s made a mistake that truly only she could sense.  Her owner lovingly encourages her, “It’s okay, try again,” and so she does.  Enjoy this clever video and don’t miss the finale where Sadie takes a bow!

Make sure you watch it the end! 🙂

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