Girl Is Brought To Tears When She Has To Walk Past Her Whole School. Until He Takes Her By The Hand!

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Friends since the seventh grade,  Luis Velasquez, Jr. wanted to ask Tiffany Gay to the prom.  Nothing unusual about this.  However, Tiffany is a special needs child and Luis is not.  That didn’t matter to Luis who adores Tiffany and merely sees her as special. He said, “Huge heart.

There’s no difference between me and her. Huge heart. We’re both human and we both have hearts.  The 18-year-old junior at Natalia High School went on to say, “I see her as Tiffany Gay. She’s a very special girl that goes to my school.  That’s been there for me all the time.”

He came up with the idea to ask his principal to stage a fire drill so that classmates could hold up a sign that read “P-R-O-M?”, flanked by signs that read “YES” or “NO”.  Tiffany was greeted by this sight to the tune of her favorite song “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.

Tiffany was overwhelmed by the attention and began to cry and seemed frozen in place, until Luis came up to her with roses and soothingly whispered to her.  She then took his hand and walked to the “YES” sign as her classmates applauded. When she started to cry, this popular football player was afraid she would say “NO”.

What makes this video so heartwarming is that Luis wasn’t just doing this to look like a good guy, and taped it only so his mom could watch the proposal.  The proud mom then posted it on Facebook where it was shared more than 3 million times in 48 hours.  Since they became friends he has gotten as much back from Tiffany as he has given.

They both make each other feel truly special.  Enjoy the video.

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