Girl Waves Hi To Cop Everyday At The Same Time. One Day She Doesn’t He Checks Her Home and Sees The UNTHINKABLE!

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When you are a child the world can be a pretty big and scary place. Luckily for most kids they a great home and a safe place to go where they are surrounded by loved ones. Knowing that no matter what happens in the outside world they can come home to peaceful and happy sanctuary eases the struggle of their everyday life.

While many children do have a great house and family to grow up in some aren’t as lucky. Sometimes, there are rotten parents who decide to not bother taking care of their kids and neglect them. Growing up in a house with no love, can really take it’s toll on a child and lead to permanent psychological issues. In today’s story a young girl from Kansas City, Missouri named Klynn Scales who waves to a police officer everyday as he passes by.

Klynn and her brothers had parents who hardly took care of them and neglected them. They didn’t pay much attention to their kids and sometimes they would forget to even feed them! So many nights, Klynn and her brothers were literally starving, so she would go to the local 7-11 and actually have to steal food so her and her brothers could eat.

Klynn was a great kid even though she grew up under terrible conditions and she knew it was wrong to steal, but she really had no choice because she and her siblings would starve. During the afternoons, Klynn would hang out on her front porch and a cop who she trusted would patrol by her house and she would always wave to him and he would wave back. Klynn really didn’t trust many adults because of her neglectful parents but deep down she knew if things ever got really bad this special cop would be her knight in shining armor and make sure she was fine.

One day the police officer came by her house and Klynn wasn’t on the porch for the first time ever. Something inside told him to check the house just to make sure she was okay. He approached the front door, knocked and nobody answered. He did hear something inside that just didn’t sound right. He jiggled the door knob and luckily it was unlocked. He went inside and saw the little girl on the floor in the fetal position. Klynn was literally starving to death and suffering from severe malnutrition. If this hero cop didn’t follow his gut Klynn would’ve died on the floor that day……

Watch the video below for the full story and find out what happened to this little girl:

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