Lady Takes Way Too Much Stuff Through The Express Lane. Then THIS Cashier Has The Most Epic Response!

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Anyone who has ever had someone cut the line in front of them knows how annoying and disrespectful it can be.  While some people will loudly call the person out for their rude behavior, most just look the other way and silently curse the perpetrator.  When it happens in the express lane meant for customers with 10-15 items or fewer, and the person cutting has well over the maximum allowed, that takes it to a whole other level of rotten behavior.  

While the majority of people are considerate of others and follow the rules, there’s always that one person who thinks they’re above it all and can do whatever they please.  That’s what happened to one man shopping at Walmart when he was getting into the express line. A woman suddenly came rushing forward with her overloaded cart and nearly knocked him over so she could get in front of him.  All that he had in his hands was a bottle of soda, bag of chips, gallon of milk and a loaf of bread, so it wouldn’t have taken him that long to cash out and pay for his items. In comparison, the woman had a shopping cart brimming with goods, well over the 10 item limit.  Even so, the woman didn’t offer him the chance to go before her, as is common courtesy. 

Everyone else in the line who had seen what the woman had done looked at her in disbelief and shook their heads at how rude she was.  When it was finally her turn the lady began piling her items up on the small counter and the cashier politely asked her which 10 items she wanted her to scan.  The woman said all of them to which the cashier replied that she was only allowed to have 10 items max in the express line and that she’d only scan that amount.  

This unexpected response from the cashier infuriated the woman and she began to angrily throw her stuff back into her cart and cause a scene.  She shouted and ranted and raved about how she was being disrespected. Blinded with rage, she shoved her cart around and in the process almost banged it into an elderly man who was sitting down on a nearby bench.  Everyone around started laughing at her, which naturally only made her madder, and she tossed out a few choice words to the crowd as she went over to the normal line to wait her turn.

The man who she had cut off finally got to check out and when his total came to $8, he gave the cashier $28 and told her the extra was a tip.  According to him, in dealing with the rude woman she had put on the best comedy show that he’d seen in a long time. It turned out to be the perfect way to politely deal with a rude customer and show her the error of her ways.  Even if she didn’t really appreciate it, everyone else nearby and in line did!

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