THIS Stray Pup Wouldn’t Let This Cop Walk Past. Then The Cop Follows The Dog and Realizes The Scary Reason Why!

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Humans have surprisingly good instincts. Sometimes, that gut feeling will just pop up and you instinctually follow it. It seems almost that individuals have an intimate familiarity with the world around them, one that they are completely unaware of. Well in one situation, one officer’s instincts made the difference between life and death.

On a cold February morning, officer Jeff Gonzalez was patrolling a quiet neighborhood in Wisconsin. As he drove down the road, he noticed a dog running alongside the car. The labrador retriever seemed to be looking for someone.

Gonzalez had a pit in his stomach. For some reason, he suspected there was more to this dog than what met the eye. He decided to investigate. Gonzalez stepped out of his car and approached the dog but as soon as he got close, the retriever was off again. Gonzalez got back in his car and followed the dog down the road. What he saw next shocked him.

The dog led the officer around the bend to a driveway. From a distance, Gonzalez made out a person sitting on the porch of the house at the end of the driveway. The body was slumped over and didn’t seem to be moving. Running up to the house, the Gonzalez checked the icy woman’s pulse. He searched for a while until he found the faintest hint of a pulse. He moved her inside and called for paramedics.

Finally, the woman was taken to the hospital. Her daughter had arrived and was waiting impatiently for news. Finally, a doctor came out. He informed Gonzalez and the woman’s daughter that thankfully, she had been saved just in time. Apparently, she had fallen unconscious due to a heart condition she hadn’t even been aware of. If she had gotten a checkup beforehand, this all could’ve been prevented.

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