Baby Tells His Mom That Someone Is Speaking To Him At Night. Then Mom Discovers The Terrifying Truth

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You would think that having a baby monitor, that has a camera, would make life easier for parents of young children.  Not so, says the parents of a 3-year-old boy in Washington.  The little boy kept complaining that some stranger was talking to him through the monitoring device.

His parents, Jay and Sarah, were confused about what he could be talking about.  Soon their confusion turned to horror as they discovered that their toddler was being spied on by a stranger who had hacked the monitor!

CBS News reported on this in the upcoming video, where you will actually hear the intruder speaking in a really creepy way to this scared child.

Sarah discovered this when she walked into her son’s room and heard a voice say, “wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you”.  Later on,  Jay heard the same voice coming from the monitor continue, “look someone’s coming”, as Sarah entered the room.

Needless to say, both parents were alarmed and became more frightened when they noticed that the night-vision lens was being controlled by someone to follow their movements.  They immediately contacted the manufacturer of the monitor, Foscam, who informed them that it was more than likely someone had hacked their monitor using a smartphone app or computer.

They have shared this terrifying experience anonymously, to alert other parents of this danger.  CBS News confirmed, that due to the fact that monitors come equipped with internet and smartphone connectivity, this type of crime is occurring more and more frequently.

Watch the video for further description of this incident, and what is recommended to keep hackers from being able to access your baby monitor.

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He Notices a Strange Shape Forming In The Clouds He Looks Left But Then Things Quickly Get Terrifying!

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Every year 100’s of tornadoes form in the skies above our planet. The rapidly rotating columns of air tunnel down from the clouds, turning and twisting until they meet the ground. These extreme weather events can quickly become extremely destructive, destroying whatever stands in their path, and many of these tornadoes can become fatal.

While tornadoes have been documented on every continent and can occur practically anywhere, North America boasts the most on average with the United States coming in at number 1. The area south of the US-Mexico border is also where strong tornadoes commonly form and the Mexican state of Chihuahua is no stranger to tornado danger.

That is where the accompanying clip was filmed and the dramatic footage that the person behind the camera managed to capture is unbelievably terrifying to watch. This jaw dropping video shows a guy filming a strange looking cloud formation in the sky above.

The dark clouds swirl around quickly in a spiral motion as a funnel begins to emerge from the center of it all. In a matter of mere seconds a tornado touches down on the ground off to his left and as he pans over you can see just how close it actually is. Check it out and see for yourself how crazy this is! If you were the person filming, how scared would you be?!

The man was so entranced by the dramatic scene above him that he either forgot possibly in some type of trance or overlooked, how dangerous a situation he was actually in. Instead of filming this surreal sight he should have run for shelter and taken cover somewhere safer than directly out in the open.

Experts recommend that everyone under a tornado warning should immediately go to the lowest level of their house or whatever building they are in.Windowless rooms are the best because most injuries caused by tornadoes are from flying debris and so basements, storm cellars, bathrooms, and closets are often the safest places.

In addition, it’s advised that you protect your head and can do that by either getting underneath a heavy piece of furniture or wrapping your arms around your head and neck. In the end, this short clip shows a scene that is truly a testament to mother nature’s absolute power; it’s insane, dangerous, crazy, beautiful, and terrifying all at once.

The events unfold so quickly that it’s easy to see why the man filming didn’t even notice the tornado barreling down towards him. Hopefully he got away and was safe!

Let us know what if you have ever seen anything like this before in your life!

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This Giant Humpback Whale Jumps Out Of The Water And Lands On Kayakers. The Result Is Terrifying!

Two extremely lucky kayakers have one heck of a whale tale to tell after their early morning encounter with one of the massive mammals. Tom Mustill and Charlotte Kinloch were paddling along in an ocean kayak off the coast of California at Moss Landing, which is near Monterey Bay, at around 8 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The British holidaymakers had heard that a large group of migrating humpback whales had been spotted nearby so they quickly set out to go see them. After spending three hours in the water watching the giant whales feed and breach the surface they decided to head back to shore.

It was during this return trip that things got a little hairy. The pair, along with several other kayaks, were in the midst of the group of feeding whales. The next thing they knew was that a huge, dark object was above them, blocking the light, and that’s when Mr. Mustill thought “Oh, I’m going to die now.”

What they saw coming full speed at them was a 40-60 ton humpback whale who had just sped up from deep below to breach the water surface, right were they were situated. The two were thrown out of the kayak and sucked deep under water by the sheer force of the whale’s landing.

It created such a forceful suction that even their extremely buoyant kayak was pulled under as if it were a toy. Thankfully, they were smart and wearing life vests which quickly returned them to the surface and both managed to escape unhurt.

The only damage was to the kayak, which had a small dent in its bow and it had been flooded with water. Nearby experienced kayakers helped pump out the water and righted the boat, and the shocked pair made it safely back to shore.

Remarkably, a cruise ship passenger, Larry Plants, managed to catch the extraordinary moment when the huge whale breached. This is one of those unbelievable videos you have to see to believe and it really takes your breath away!

Right after the whale’s jump and crash landing a fellow passenger can be heard in the video asking “The kayak! Where’s the kayak?” and another passenger answers her “He knocked it over!” The video was posted online by Sanctuary Cruises, the operators of the boat Mr. Plants was on when he shot the footage.

The boat’s Captain Micheal Sack wrote on his website that “Kayak whale watching can be extremely dangerous. And one should realize that humpback whales are wild animals and totally unpredictable. It’s a very uncontrolled environment out there.

Just like any wilderness experience.” His words of wisdom and warning stress the danger and vulnerability that a person faces when they go out on the open ocean in a tiny boat among enormous wild whales who are feeding. Next time perhaps the two lucky kayakers who almost died will take a bigger boat!

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He Setup A Trail Cam To Catch Poachers On His Land But He Was Terrified By What The Camera Caught

Holy snapdragon, that is some freaky shiz. You all know I would never lie to you, and you couldn’t possibly guess the horrors I have endured to ensure you get the truth, every single time. What I present to you today is just that: the cold, hard, unadulterated, terrifying truth.

I bring to you the most freakiest of all photoglyphs ever taken by the beloved trail camera. Oh trail camera, my sweet, where would we be without you? What weirdness would we have missed, what revulsive entities might we have never known existed?

Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the freshly laundered drawers that you will have to throw away in a minute, both the trail camera and the wondrous internettles have been invented. So here you stand, at the very edge of the precipice of decision, uncertain as to whether the dread that envelops you will force you to turn and flee.

Will you listen to your gut instincts and embrace the comfort of complacent ignorance, or will you take a chance and jump from the dizzying heights, safety torn from you by the deafening wind of terminal velocity? I must warn you, there is no turning back once you choose to proceed.

You cannot unsee the ghostly demons that will surely haunt you, and you can be certain that they will come for you. It is well known that they are capable of seeing through a camera and into the soul of those who observe them. They know, and they do not forget a soul. They know, and they come.

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This Truck Attempts To Board A Ship By Driving Over Two Thin Wood Planks.

This video has been making those who view it very tense. It shows an ill-prepared cargo crew attempting to load a brand new, large pickup truck onto a ship. Forget about safety first or high tech cranes and hoists, they are going about it the old fashioned way; with wood and nerves of steel. To get the truck from the dock to the ship they plan on driving it over two long wooden planks. The truck tires barely seem to fit on the width of the planks and my guess is that they’d snap under the weight.

If they do snap it means a long scary fall into the murky brown water below. Whoever agreed to drive the truck across must be crazy, or really know what they’re doing. Seriously, do they know some law of physics that applies to this sketchy situation? Everyone watching, from the people on the dock to those filming aboard the ship, sound nervous and skeptical. A man in a yellow shirt appears to talk to the driver, perhaps he’s trying to talk him out of it, or he is directing the stunt. Girls can be heard screaming in the background and they are understandably nervous at the sight of it all.

Soon after the truck begins it’s death crossing onto the wooden planks a loud creaking noise can be heard. The driver inches slowly forwards, making sure the truck’s wheels are aligned with the narrow planks. When he eases the back tires over the plank’s rear edges he rolls down onto the center of the boards, which look like they will snap at any moment. They’re as bent as you’d expect them to be when supporting over 2½ tons of metal atop them.

The driver and crew still all seem pretty calm and cool at this point, but the onlookers not so much. The driver pauses midway for unknown reasons, but it seems to be that the dock workers are securing the plank ends from shifting. Moments later the truck continues forward and makes it over the bridge and onto the ship. Everyone can stop holding their breaths and the onlookers break out in cheers of delight (and sighs in relief). They made it.

Since it first appeared online, the footage has generated heated debate about whether or not it is real, has been altered, or was faked. No one can agree on whether or not this is definitely possible. It’s hard to even comprehend how the crew managed to position the truck the way it is in the first place. The dock doesn’t look big or wide enough to drive down, then get the truck turned a full 90 degrees.

Perhaps they drove it off another ship from the other side, or what we see is them reversing the truck off and figuring out they cannot fit so they drive it back onto the ship. Then there is the issue of would those 2 dinky planks support a multi-ton truck? And who would risk their life doing this? It leaves us with many unanswered questions, what do you think?

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He Asks His Rottweiler To Make His Mean Ugly Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face Ever.

This dog knows how to turn the charm on and off. At first glance he appears to be all cute and innocent, but in a split second he can change his whole look and demeanor. His name is Reese and he’s a big, strong, handsome Rottweiler who knows a thing or two about appearing dominant and intimidating. This short clip of him in action is proof of his guard dog skills. It starts off with him sitting calmly on a cushion and looking like a typical male Rottweiler. When his owner asks him to show his teeth, he immediately responds with a toothy grin. However, that’s just the beginning and Reese is only getting warmed up for what he knows is coming next!

His dad then instructs him to “show me your mean face,” and that’s when the real show begins. Reese curls back his upper lip, further baring his razor-sharp white teeth to the gums, then he adds in a low, rumbling growl that sounds just as menacing as his face looks! He even throws in that strange, licking thing that all dogs seem to do whenever they get super heated or pumped up.

Reese definitely has what it takes to be both an awesome family dog and an effective guard dog. He displays the perfect mix of attitude, obedience, and control, showing that he’s as loyal and he is loving. As long as Reese is around his family never has to worry about break-ins or criminals targeting them because as soon as a bad guy takes one look at the big dog, they’ll keep moving right along. No one in their right mind would mess with such a fierce looking Rotty, they’d have to be crazy or just plain dumb!

Not many dogs are able to look so mean and angry on cue, at least not like how Reese does. He nails the command up until the very end when his owner says “good boy” and only then does he drop the act. Check out his mean face and share it with all the fellow dog lovers in your life who can appreciate it!

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