He Setup A Trail Cam To Catch Poachers On His Land But He Was Terrified By What The Camera Caught

Holy snapdragon, that is some freaky shiz. You all know I would never lie to you, and you couldn’t possibly guess the horrors I have endured to ensure you get the truth, every single time. What I present to you today is just that: the cold, hard, unadulterated, terrifying truth.

I bring to you the most freakiest of all photoglyphs ever taken by the beloved trail camera. Oh trail camera, my sweet, where would we be without you? What weirdness would we have missed, what revulsive entities might we have never known existed?

Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the freshly laundered drawers that you will have to throw away in a minute, both the trail camera and the wondrous internettles have been invented. So here you stand, at the very edge of the precipice of decision, uncertain as to whether the dread that envelops you will force you to turn and flee.

Will you listen to your gut instincts and embrace the comfort of complacent ignorance, or will you take a chance and jump from the dizzying heights, safety torn from you by the deafening wind of terminal velocity? I must warn you, there is no turning back once you choose to proceed.

You cannot unsee the ghostly demons that will surely haunt you, and you can be certain that they will come for you. It is well known that they are capable of seeing through a camera and into the soul of those who observe them. They know, and they do not forget a soul. They know, and they come.

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