He Asks His Rottweiler To Make His Mean Ugly Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face Ever.

This dog knows how to turn the charm on and off. At first glance he appears to be all cute and innocent, but in a split second he can change his whole look and demeanor. His name is Reese and he’s a big, strong, handsome Rottweiler who knows a thing or two about appearing dominant and intimidating. This short clip of him in action is proof of his guard dog skills. It starts off with him sitting calmly on a cushion and looking like a typical male Rottweiler. When his owner asks him to show his teeth, he immediately responds with a toothy grin. However, that’s just the beginning and Reese is only getting warmed up for what he knows is coming next!

His dad then instructs him to “show me your mean face,” and that’s when the real show begins. Reese curls back his upper lip, further baring his razor-sharp white teeth to the gums, then he adds in a low, rumbling growl that sounds just as menacing as his face looks! He even throws in that strange, licking thing that all dogs seem to do whenever they get super heated or pumped up.

Reese definitely has what it takes to be both an awesome family dog and an effective guard dog. He displays the perfect mix of attitude, obedience, and control, showing that he’s as loyal and he is loving. As long as Reese is around his family never has to worry about break-ins or criminals targeting them because as soon as a bad guy takes one look at the big dog, they’ll keep moving right along. No one in their right mind would mess with such a fierce looking Rotty, they’d have to be crazy or just plain dumb!

Not many dogs are able to look so mean and angry on cue, at least not like how Reese does. He nails the command up until the very end when his owner says “good boy” and only then does he drop the act. Check out his mean face and share it with all the fellow dog lovers in your life who can appreciate it!

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