Man Gets An Unexpected Photobomber Right As He Takes a Selfie By The Ocean

Since the dawn of modern photography people have been invading and dropping in on pictures and videos which they were never originally meant to be a part of! While photobombing may seem like a relatively new and recent phenomenon, it’s actually not. However, thanks to the internet and viralability we are able to see all of the best photobombs out there that man, and animal, have to offer!

Over the years pictures have been photobombed by all sorts of different people, items, and animals. The most common type is by far the total and complete stranger who jumps in at the last moment. These usually result in hilarious pictures and candid reactions that range from oblivious to shocked at the unexpected last minute addition. Celebrities often make appearances as well, but the ones that everybody absolutely adores and loves to see are the animal photo-bombers, like the seal in this clip!

The guy in the red sleeveless t-shirt managed to capture the awesome memento while he was out on the water enjoying a beautiful day on his boat. He was near the bridge that’s visible in the background when a baby seal jumped on board and decided to relax alongside him. In fact, the youngster was so comfortable and at ease with the man that he snuggled up against his back and even began to fall asleep! You can see his eyes begin to droop as the sleepy seal basks in the sunshine against the guy, which all makes the perfect photo/video opportunity. If this ever happened to you, you’d definitely want the memory and proof preserved on film!

Seals rank at the top of the list when it comes to friendly, cheerful, adorable marine animals. That’s why they’re often referred to as the “dogs of the sea” because of their playful social behavior around other animals and humans. Some of them have been seen snuggling up to their canine counterparts and romping around in the water with them, others prefer to catch some waves with surfers.

After watching this clip, this seal certainly backs up the comparison. So while dogs are man’s best friend on dry land, seals are man’s best friend in the water and on boats!

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