This Man Attempts To Pull A Tree Out Of The Ground With His Truck. At :24 I Can’t Stop Laughing!

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Yard work can be a real pain in the behind and it takes a lot of sweat and muscles to pull off some of the grittier jobs, like removing stumps, large rocks, and trees. Lots of people hire outside contractors and landscapers to keep their property safe and looking good, but many choose to do it themselves.

For some it’s a matter of pride, others a lack of money, and whatever it is we all have our reasons. Besides, much of the work is general upkeep that involves mowing the lawn or raking leaves. These days if something calls for a special tool or machine, they’re readily available for rent at most home improvement stores. Many of those gadgets make yard work much easier, quicker, and less taxing.

Plus, you can always improvise and rig up something on the spot to help get a job done. One man did just that when he went to remove a tree in his yard. Instead of hiring a professional or breaking out a chainsaw, he simply backed his Dodge pickup truck up to the tree. After securing some heavy duty ropes around the tree, and to his truck, he hopped in the cab and fired up the engine.

Once he got the word that the area was clear of all children and bystanders he slowly began to inch the powerful truck forward until the slack picked up on the line. Seconds later, something completely unexpected and hilarious happens. If we tell you what ensued we’d ruin the video and do you a disservice, so check it out and see for yourself whether or not he safely got the tree down!

Enjoy the hysterical video below!

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