This Guy Always Pours H2O On His Propane Tank Before He Starts Cooking. The Reason Is Brilliant

Nothing tastes quite as delicious as food barbecued on the grill in the summertime, it just hits the spot. Everything from meat to corn on the cob and every other veggie under the sun takes on a whole new dimension of flavor when barbecued to perfection.

There’s also nothing worse than finding out that you’re low or close to running out of gas right when you’re about to start grilling! It happens, usually at the most inopportune times, especially if your propane tank doesn’t have a gauge on it. However, rather than abandon your BBQ plans you can try this neat little trick from America’s Test Kitchen to measure exactly how much propane is left in the tank. That way, you won’t ever run out of gas unexpectedly ever again.

First, boil up a pot of water and bring it outside to where your propane tank is located. Carefully pour the hot water all around the tank and down every side, making sure that the entire thing is covered. Next, feel around the tank with your hand and test areas to see if they are warm or cool. Warm spots indicate that the tank was heated up by the water because with no gas to cool it down, there’s no propane at that level. Cool spots indicate the opposite. Where the tank is cooler to the touch is the level the propane is at. That’s because the liquid in the tank is absorbing all the heat, leaving the surface cool to the touch.

So the next time you are unsure about how much propane is left in your grill’s tank simply unleash your inner MacGyver, boil up a pot of water, and drip it down and around the tank. Cold spots will reveal the level and you can go from there. Check out the video for more details and to get a better visual idea, and don’t forget to share and enjoy!

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3 Guys Sprint Out Of The Gas Station Towards an Old Married Couple While a Police Officer Just Stands There Watching!

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Many elderly people want to remain as independent and self-sufficient as they possibly can, even when they know that they might need a little extra help.  They hate to admit that they can’t do what they used to be able to, which is understandable because no one really does, no matter what age they may be.  

Rose and David Griest were adamant about not giving up any of their independence and they didn’t want to rely on others.  Rose, who was 89 and David, who was 100 years old, shrugged off offers from their family and friends to help whenever they might need it.  One day Rose had to go to the doctor and she and David decided they could get themselves to her appointment. After visiting the doctor’s office they headed home and on the way back they noticed that they needed to get gas.  Not only that, they both had to use the restroom, so they pulled over at a nearby gas station and parked at the pump.  

Rose and David headed for the restrooms and on the way back they ran into trouble.  Both of them were exhausted from the whole trip and were struggling to make it back to their vehicle.  Rose was using a walker and was visibly shaking, it seemed like she was about to fall over. A police officer on duty, Kanesha Carnegie, was across the street nearby when she noticed the pair clearly having problems walking across the gas station parking lot.  She decided to head over and help them out, but on the way, she noticed that three young men were following right behind the elderly couple.

The men were running towards Rose and David and so officer Carnegie whipped out her cell phone and started recording.  She knew nothing bad was happening, instead she believed that she was watching something amazing unfold. The three men surrounded the elderly couple, making sure that if either one fell, they could catch them right away.  They very slowly and gently assisted them back into their car, being completely careful and respectful.  

The men happened to be a trio of rappers from Orlando who were at the gas station that day picking up some snacks.  Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddy G were inside when they glanced outside and noticed the elderly couple struggling and immediately rushed over to help them.  In a Fox 5 interview, Marty later told the reporter that “I kept thinking, ‘She could have been by grandmother.’”  

Without hesitating the young men had dropped what they were doing that day to help the elderly couple in need.  Officer Carnegie shared the heartwarming footage of their selfless act online and it quickly went viral with people happy to see what a difference a simple act of kindness can make. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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WATCH: This Guy Reveals A Gas Station Scam That May Have Already Cost You Money

When pulling up to the gas station to fill up on fuel no one looks forward to seeing the seemingly ever increasing high prices.  However, the absolute last thing that anyone wants to see is the fuel pump charging for gas when the nozzle is not yet even in the tank! That is what one man captured on video when he recently went to a Citgo station located outside of Wheeling, Illinois.  Even though Kaloyan Pechevski was not pumping, or even touching the nozzle, the readout on the machine was slowly charging him a few cents that certainly add up in the long run.

Pechevski said he had prepaid cash for $25 worth and noticed that he’d been charged before he even started to fill up.  To document the proof he pulled out his camera and recoded the incident and also gathered witnesses who were present.  When he went to get his money back the man working explained the false charging pump, saying “sometimes it gets loose.”  While we cannot be sure what he means by that statement, it does indicate that this is not the first time a pump at that Citgo station went rogue.

It is also not the first such incident to have been reported.  Others have recorded videos of gas pumps continuing to charge them after they had completed, or before they started, filling up.  While many times the pump charges a few cents, spread out over time and over customers, those cents add up to hundreds of dollars at just one single gas pump.  News coverage and people self-reporting on the internet have led to hundreds of gas stations being investigated.

Some were found to be purposefully scamming drivers while others truly did have malfunctioning pumps.  Either way, if you see this happening when you stop for gas tell the attendant, complain to the station’s corporate overseers, and call your state’s Department of Weights and Measures.  They are responsible for inspecting and regulating all fuel pumps.  Also, make sure to document the incident, print a receipt, and get any refund you may be owed.  Gas is costly enough and no one should be scammed into paying for more than they actually received.

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