Man Took Down An Old Wall In His House and Finds an Old Box Filled With Treasure

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For anyone who has ever renovated their house, apartment or office knows how challenging it can be and how even the smallest details can end up taking weeks to fix. Although if you love a good project and working with your hands, renovating a room or space can be pretty fun and rewarding when you are finished and look at your final product. Also on a side-note knocking down walls can be very therapeutic and cathartic FYI. Anyway, this brings us to today’s magical story of discovery.

A man who is a DIY expert and posts his projects online all the time decided to do a little renovation on his house which was originally built back in the 1940’s. And by little, I mean a really big renovation, he had already completely redone the entire first and second floor of his house and was now ready to go all the way downstairs and finish up the old basement.

He got down to the basement and began to get to work. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary, just an old cellar that needed to desperately refurbished. As he started measuring and figuring out exactly what he was going to do with the space he started to notice a couple strange things on the wall. There were some names and stick figures written on it which looked like they were done by some kids who possibly used to live in the house back in the 40’s. He didn’t think much of it, and continued to the next part of the basement renovation.

Next, he started to disassemble the ceiling and walls under it, removing old wiring, insulation, wood planks to get to the beams supporting the house. After digging his way through everything he noticed something out of the corner of his eye that didn’t look like it was supposed to be there….

A silver and grey box was just sitting there in the wall. It looked like whoever put it there went through a lot of trouble to get it into this spot and his curiosity and mind began to run wild. What could possibly be in this thing? But before he opened it, being the DIY online expert that he is, got some photos of the box and posted them for his online community to see.

When he posted the picture, he called the box a treasure and he wanted everybody to be part of the discovery process. After he did his post he went back downstairs carefully grabbed the box and brought it outside to his driveway. His wife came out with him as they inspected it. Then he ran inside to try and find a banana. No it’s not because all this renovation was causing him to have a craving for some potassium, it was to take a side by side picture so that people could tell how big the box was compared to an average sized banana.

He looked and looked but no banana was in the house, so he grabbed what looks like possibly an old toothbrush? Either way it would give his fans in his online community a better sense of his new found treasure. He then did another post where he described what he thought it might be, and wanted the online community to make guesses to bring some fun to this little treasure adventure.

Finally, he couldn’t hold back any longer, it was time to open this mysterious box. He slowly began to try and get the lid off trying not to damage or break the box or the contents inside. When the top was finally off, he got to another layer of the box that looked like a layer of wax to cover whatever surprise was beneath.

He carefully removed the wax only to find another layer of newspaper dated 1951, which had clearly been wrapped around whatever was hiding within. Even though the newspaper 1951 was a cool vintage discovery, it wasn’t the main attraction!  There were 3 tightly wrapped packages, again the packaging looked like it was some type of wax.

Next before he tried to remove all the wax, he took another picture which he posted again online. There was a slight green emanating from under the wax and he wrote maybe it could be money? Not sure will check back soon to his online buddies.

With eager anticipation he finally removed the first of the three wax packages. It was filled with a stack of older looking $20 bills. Then he went to the next one, there weren’t 20’s in this stack they were old vintage $50 bills. Finally he got to the third and final package. This one didn’t have 20’s or 50’s it was filled with $100 bill!

The couple began to count all the cash in the stacks. After all was said it done, it was about $20,000! If that wasn’t amazing enough some of these bills looked old and were most likely collectors items and could be sold for a lot more!

He was basically just in shock, but he did the smart thing, he talked to multiple lawyers and dollar bill appraisers to find out exactly what to do and how much these vintage bills in this treasure chest were actually worth! After a full week of meetings and trying to figure out what to do with the money and if it was legal to keep it, he went back downstairs to finish his renovation project.

That’s when lightning struck the bottle twice. As he continued working through his basement renovation he found a second box, which was identical to the first one, the only difference was this one definitely weighed more. He opened it up and there was more surprise treasures.

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He Cracks 12 Eggs Into This Old Ice Tray. The Reason? I Had No Idea!

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You know that sinking feeling you get when you reach for a bottle of milk or carton of eggs in the refrigerator, only to find out that it’s expired? It’s a waste of money when that happens and it can easily throw off your plans for a nice cup of coffee or dinner.

Dairy products in general can be expensive so when they’re on sale it’s wise to stock up on your favorites. While many dairy items spoil and go bad not long after being purchased or opened, there is a way to store and preserve them for later use.

YouTube favorite HouseholdHacker explains it all and that by freezing dairy products you can extend their shelf life. This video lays out the details and shows how to go about doing exactly that. Here’s a breakdown of what works best for the most common dairy items.

First off, eggs can be frozen by cracking one egg into each individual ice cube slot in an ice tray. After they completely freeze simply pop them out of the tray and store in a freezer bag. Now you have them on hand for when a recipe calls for only one egg!

Next is milk, which can only be frozen for about 1-2 months and coffee creamer for longer, up to 6 months. Just stick the unopened and fully sealed cartons in the refrigerator right after you buy them. Once you remove it from the freezer thaw the milk in the refrigerator for a day or two and be sure to shake it up well before using because it will definitely have separated.

Cheese can be a bit more difficult to freeze because the texture can be affected, and not in a good way. While most cheese is freezable, Parmesan works the best, and shredded cheese is the way to go because blocks tend to get all dry and crumbly. Shredded cheese can be stored for up to 2-3 months and thawed out in the refrigerator before using, that should help retain its original texture.

Salted butter can last the longest, for 6-8 months if wrapped well, but unsalted butter only lasts for one month. Also, make sure there is nothing in the freezer with a strong smell or pungent odor because you risk having the butter pick it up and it’ll end up tasting like that.

Greek yogurt freezes well for a couple of months, but make sure to stir it well after thawing. A great way to enjoy frozen yogurt is to make yogurt pops. Simply stick a popsicle stick in the container top before freezing or pour the yogurt in an ice cube tray and use them in smoothies.

Full fat cream cheese can be frozen but results vary when thawed as to texture depending on the brand you buy. Once it has been thawed always make sure to use it right away in dips, sauces, or baked dishes.

Now you don’t have to see any of your dairy products spoil ever again. Hopefully these tips and information will help you in the future!

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He Tapes Cash To His Suit With A Sign Reading ‘Take What You Need’. What This Man Does Surprising!

If you saw the man in this video walking around with dollar bills taped to his suit, would you take any of it? The man in the suit is Coby Persin and he donned the expensive outfit as part of a social experiment. In addition to covering himself in fifty $1 bills, he also held a sign that read “take what you need.”

He hit the streets of New York City and walked around the Union Square area holding up his sign. The experiment was to see if people would actually take only what they needed, and to gauge how the city residents would react to such a sight. In a way, they didn’t disappoint, yet they did.

The first few individuals who helped themselves to the free money clearly did not need it. The first man to approach was a heavy set business-type man. He set down his briefcase before he started grabbing at least ten dollars off of Coby, and when questioned whether he really needed it he replied “I don’t need it, but it’s free…who wouldn’t take it?”

That seemed to be the rationale of the next man, a jogger, who ran past before turning back to grab about $5-7 from the money suit. And the next, a man on his cell, who plucked a few ones off of Coby before telling his friend on the phone that he didn’t even need it.

Soon after a blonde woman in a suit who was carrying a pricey designer handbag stopped to grab some money. Coby pointed out her Louis Vuitton bag and asked “You really need this?” to which she replied “Yeah, I have a nail appointment tomorrow.” So far, everyone who had taken money clearly did not need it in any way whatsoever.

They took it out of pure greed and for selfish reasons. Finally, Coby walked by a young man who appeared to be homeless. He was quietly sitting on the sidewalk with his dog, a larger breed covered in a warm blanket/shirt, when he spotted Coby and got up to approach him.

He was the first person of the day to actually greet Coby when he asked “How are you doing man?” and he didn’t just start plucking money off of his suit like he was entitled to it. Instead, the one man who truly needed the money the most, took just $2.

He said that was all he needed to buy food for himself and to “give whatever you gotta give to other people.” Coby tells him to take a few more dollars for the next day or meal, but the man declines and tells him again to give it to whoever else needs it.

That’s when Coby tells the guy that he’s amazing and that he wants to help him out, so he gives him $60 to put towards food for himself and his dog. Of all the people who took money from him, only one person actually needed it.

The others who took the dollars were seemingly well off in that they carried designer handbags and wore business suits. The reasons they provided for as to why they “needed” the money were either no reason at all or some sad excuse, like they needed it for a nail appointment the next day, or because it was free.

All those people took more than what they didn’t even need, while the one man who needed it took only $2 and did so because he was thinking about the others who might need it to eat as well. The video was summed up best with a few simple words “You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”

Check out the video to see all the reactions, and for this message to really hit home.

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She Rubs Alcohol On This $50 Dollar Bill. What She Uncovers Is The Most Unexpected Surprise!

Printed US money has been around for hundreds of years, starting in 1690 when the Massachusetts Bay Colony issued the first paper currency. For the next 173 years there were many types of different monies being printed and used throughout America which inevitably led to confusion and the rapid rise of counterfeit, or fake, currency.

Recognizing the need for a unified and national monetary system, President Lincoln signed the National Banking Act in 1863 which established the federal dollar as America’s one and only official currency. However, this did not deter scam artists in their attempts to beat the system and to this day fake money is being created and put into circulation.

There are all sorts of sophisticated ways to both produce and detect counterfeit money. The most common detection method used by stores is the counterfeit detection pen that you often see cashiers swiping on money.

They are looking to see if a black mark appears, if one does the bill is fake, and no black mark means it’s real. The government is always changing up it’s security features to keep ahead of sophisticated fakes. They use color changing ink, embedded security strips, watermarks, micro-writing, and more to make it as hard as possible to copy and reproduce fake bills.

Even so, many people who try to pass fake money are successful because people accepting it rarely look closely at cash they are given and don’t know what to be looking for. In this video you can see what a counterfeit $50 bill looks like.

It was recorded in Vietnam and at first glance there is nothing inherently obvious that would raise suspicions, especially if it was passed to someone who isn’t familiar with which US president goes on what denomination bill.

That is the main giveaway in the video, as the dollar amounts in all four corners and the written amount were coated to change them from 10 to 50. When the woman applies rubbing alcohol to the money the coating starts to dissolve away and underneath the real $10 bill is revealed.

This goes to show that even simple, fake, counterfeit bills can be easily manipulated to look quite real, especially when an actual lower denomination one is used as a base. People in other countries would have no clue that it’s a fake and even in the US a cashier who is busy and going through the motions likely wouldn’t catch it.

While there is little that the average person can do about this, it’s always smart to keep your eyes on your money, and if you ever do spot counterfeit money report it and don’t try to pass it on!

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WATCH: This Guy Reveals A Gas Station Scam That May Have Already Cost You Money

When pulling up to the gas station to fill up on fuel no one looks forward to seeing the seemingly ever increasing high prices.  However, the absolute last thing that anyone wants to see is the fuel pump charging for gas when the nozzle is not yet even in the tank! That is what one man captured on video when he recently went to a Citgo station located outside of Wheeling, Illinois.  Even though Kaloyan Pechevski was not pumping, or even touching the nozzle, the readout on the machine was slowly charging him a few cents that certainly add up in the long run.

Pechevski said he had prepaid cash for $25 worth and noticed that he’d been charged before he even started to fill up.  To document the proof he pulled out his camera and recoded the incident and also gathered witnesses who were present.  When he went to get his money back the man working explained the false charging pump, saying “sometimes it gets loose.”  While we cannot be sure what he means by that statement, it does indicate that this is not the first time a pump at that Citgo station went rogue.

It is also not the first such incident to have been reported.  Others have recorded videos of gas pumps continuing to charge them after they had completed, or before they started, filling up.  While many times the pump charges a few cents, spread out over time and over customers, those cents add up to hundreds of dollars at just one single gas pump.  News coverage and people self-reporting on the internet have led to hundreds of gas stations being investigated.

Some were found to be purposefully scamming drivers while others truly did have malfunctioning pumps.  Either way, if you see this happening when you stop for gas tell the attendant, complain to the station’s corporate overseers, and call your state’s Department of Weights and Measures.  They are responsible for inspecting and regulating all fuel pumps.  Also, make sure to document the incident, print a receipt, and get any refund you may be owed.  Gas is costly enough and no one should be scammed into paying for more than they actually received.

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