If You Have A Pair Of Converse You May Have Noticed These Holes. THIS Is What They Are Used For..

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The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is easily one of the most iconic sneakers that the world has ever known. The original design featuring a canvas stitched upper portion, white laces and rubber toe caps has remained basically the same since it was introduced back in 1949.

Before then the sneakers had already been in production since 1917, which makes 2017 their 100th year anniversary. In fact, the Chuck Taylor All Stars are the oldest and most popular all-time best selling shoes ever. An astounding 60% of the American population has owned, or currently own, a pair of them at some point in their life.

Even if you are not in the majority who own the sneakers, chances are you know what they look like and have noticed the two small holes on the sides of them. The holes are seemingly random because many people do not know exactly why they are there or what they are used for. They do serve an actual purpose and Sarah Barlow explains it all and shows how to utilize them in the accompanying video.

The most obvious use for the holes is that they allow our feet to breathe more, especially if you’re not wearing any socks. Better breathe-ability reduces sweating and the painful chaffing and rubbing that leads to sore stinky feet.

The second and far less known purpose for the holes involves lacing shoelaces through them to give you a much tighter fit. The custom lacing technique is done in the following steps:

1. Unlace the top two sets of holes
2. Take a lace and pass it inside the shoe across and through to the outside of the first inner side hole
3. Thread the lace back into the second hole, the one nearest the heel side
4. Pull it up and across back to the regular top hole (opposite the side holes)
5. Take the remaining lace and pull that end through the same hole
6. Resume crossing laces as you normally would, which should leave one lace with only one cross over

Very cool, I guess you really do learn something new everyday! Have a good one!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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He Tapes Cash To His Suit With A Sign Reading ‘Take What You Need’. What This Man Does Surprising!

If you saw the man in this video walking around with dollar bills taped to his suit, would you take any of it? The man in the suit is Coby Persin and he donned the expensive outfit as part of a social experiment. In addition to covering himself in fifty $1 bills, he also held a sign that read “take what you need.”

He hit the streets of New York City and walked around the Union Square area holding up his sign. The experiment was to see if people would actually take only what they needed, and to gauge how the city residents would react to such a sight. In a way, they didn’t disappoint, yet they did.

The first few individuals who helped themselves to the free money clearly did not need it. The first man to approach was a heavy set business-type man. He set down his briefcase before he started grabbing at least ten dollars off of Coby, and when questioned whether he really needed it he replied “I don’t need it, but it’s free…who wouldn’t take it?”

That seemed to be the rationale of the next man, a jogger, who ran past before turning back to grab about $5-7 from the money suit. And the next, a man on his cell, who plucked a few ones off of Coby before telling his friend on the phone that he didn’t even need it.

Soon after a blonde woman in a suit who was carrying a pricey designer handbag stopped to grab some money. Coby pointed out her Louis Vuitton bag and asked “You really need this?” to which she replied “Yeah, I have a nail appointment tomorrow.” So far, everyone who had taken money clearly did not need it in any way whatsoever.

They took it out of pure greed and for selfish reasons. Finally, Coby walked by a young man who appeared to be homeless. He was quietly sitting on the sidewalk with his dog, a larger breed covered in a warm blanket/shirt, when he spotted Coby and got up to approach him.

He was the first person of the day to actually greet Coby when he asked “How are you doing man?” and he didn’t just start plucking money off of his suit like he was entitled to it. Instead, the one man who truly needed the money the most, took just $2.

He said that was all he needed to buy food for himself and to “give whatever you gotta give to other people.” Coby tells him to take a few more dollars for the next day or meal, but the man declines and tells him again to give it to whoever else needs it.

That’s when Coby tells the guy that he’s amazing and that he wants to help him out, so he gives him $60 to put towards food for himself and his dog. Of all the people who took money from him, only one person actually needed it.

The others who took the dollars were seemingly well off in that they carried designer handbags and wore business suits. The reasons they provided for as to why they “needed” the money were either no reason at all or some sad excuse, like they needed it for a nail appointment the next day, or because it was free.

All those people took more than what they didn’t even need, while the one man who needed it took only $2 and did so because he was thinking about the others who might need it to eat as well. The video was summed up best with a few simple words “You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”

Check out the video to see all the reactions, and for this message to really hit home.

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