Mom Confronts Big Dog About Who Made The Mess. He Proceeds To Rat On and Point Out The Culprit!

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At 30 seconds in, I lost it! Abby the French bulldog was having quite the fun time with a roll of toilet paper when her people were away, but she didn’t take into account that her friend Turner the bull mastiff would rat her out. She probably thought he was on her team, and maybe Turner even helped her make the mess. But when faced with judgment day, Turner turns on Abby and blames the whole thing on her in the most hilarious way. Of course, by the look on Turner’s and Abby’s faces, I just might believe the mastiff.

From the beginning, Abby looks guilty. A long trail of toilet paper lays strewn behind her, ending in a garland around her little neck. The look in her eyes screams guilt, and she seems to realize she’s not going to get away with it this time.

When the camera shifts to Turner, Abby just might have been hoping he would take the fall, but no such luck. When asked, “Who did this, Turner?” the mastiff is hesitant. She was probably thinking about how much flack she was going to receive from the little one once their people weren’t around anymore.

But Turner only hesitated for a second, before begrudgingly throwing poor Abby under the bus. Pointing with her paw, the mastiff looks down in shame as she avoids trouble for herself, but becomes a snitch in the process.

No one likes a snitch, and I can’t imagine Abby is any different. Once her only witness turns on her, Abby has no choice but to admit what she has done. With a look of guilt and shame, the bulldog hangs her head and tells the truth in the process. Note if video doesn’t play automatically on your tablet or phone turn it horizontal.

Watch the video below and enjoy 🙂

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Mama Confronts Her Dog About The Giant Mess. He Denies It With a Huge Tantrum.

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Anyone who has ever shared their heart and home with a Siberian Husky knows how intelligent and spirited they are. The beautiful dogs are full of personality and are social, friendly, accepting, and extremely energetic. They love to run and play and if they don’t get enough exercise in they can easily become bored and restless. As cute as they may be, Huskies are seriously a lot of work. They are well-known for their penchant for wandering and are highly capable escape artists. That’s the reason why they’re called the “Houdini” of the dog world and some are even able to clear 6+ foot fences with ease.

Oftentimes if a Husky is left alone it’ll end up turning to destructive behaviors, which can get them into a lot of trouble. This, coupled with the fact that many people keep their dogs inside when they step out so as to keep them safe and secure at home, can turn out to be a disaster.

Such was the case for one Husky dog’s owners who left their boy named Blu alone when they went out on a date. When they returned home they opened the door to find a huge mess and adorable, handsome looking Blu was sitting right their waiting for them in the middle of it!

Apparently the big Husky had decided to rip apart his nice comfy bed while they were gone and parts of it were strewn all over the wood floor. Bits and pieces of shredded bedding were everywhere and there was simply no way that Blu could try to deny his guilt, that is if he even wanted to. Rather than hang his head in shame and act like he was sorry, he started mouthing off to his parents!

As they tried to reprimand and ask what he’d done, Blu talked over them and started whining and crying out loudly. He didn’t even stop to take a breathe and his stream of moaning and groaning continued on until it turned into a full out tantrum. He wasn’t holding back and while most tantrums can easily become annoying, his was just the funniest, cutest thing ever. Check him out and see what I mean! Note: If trouble viewing video turn mobile device or iPad horizontal.

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Human Confronts His Dog About The Mess. The Dog Denies It With The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

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Siberian Huskies are well known for their easy going nature and beautiful wolf-like looks, but it’s their high-spirited personalities that draws people to them. The medium sized breed is ultra energetic, intelligent, friendly, and highly accepting of both other dogs and even strangers.

In the popular culture of books, movies and television husky’s are known as sled dogs who travel thousands and thousands of miles with unparalleled speed, agility and endurance. At the same time, Huskies are a lot of work and need plenty of exercise. If they get bored, or are left alone to their own devices for too long, they can end up getting into a lot of trouble!

Many a Husky owner has left the house all nice and tidy, only to come home later to a complete disaster of a mess! Their bored dogs go on destructive rampages when they step out, like the adorable Husky in this video.

The big handsome boy is named Blu and this clip shows the moment that his owners returned home from a date. While they were gone Blu decided to redecorate and used the stuffing from his bed to embellish the plain old wood floor around his kennel.  Maybe since Christmas is right around the corner this was just a simple ‘husky-human’ misunderstanding and he was just trying to decorate for the holidays!

There were bits and pieces of his shredded bedding strewn everywhere and in the middle of it all was a very guilty looking Blu. But he wasn’t about to sulk away in shame from what he’d done, instead he had a few choice words for his parents!

Before they could even say a thing or reprimand him for his bad behavior, Blu was off and running his mouth full throttle. He all but drowned them out with his whines and moaning, there was barely even a pause where mom and dad could put their two cents in. This is one seriously strong-willed Husky and he wasn’t about to shush up or back down!

While Blu’s tantrum may at first appear to be over his ripped up bedding, it’s actually about his parents leaving him all alone while they went out and had a fun date without him. According to his owners, “Blu is a sweet boy that only acts up when no one is present. In this video, he was told to go to bed and be a good boy… [but] Blu wasn’t ready for bed… so he ate it.”

He wasn’t ready for nap time or for alone time either and took out whatever boredom, anxiety, stress, or pent up energy that he was feeling on his poor comfy bed! Blu is one of the most expressive and persistent Huskies we’ve seen yet, and that’s all part of what makes the breed so endearing and adorable.

Blu is really just a big adorable baby at heart. Wait until you hear how persistent and “believable” is denial is. I wonder if they strapped him to a lie detector if he could pass the mess test! Blu’s personality, charm and absolutely hilarious nature is sure to make your day. The back and forth between Blu and his human is pretty much the best thing I have seen all week.

He whines cries and makes sure not to keep direct I contact with his human to give away the truth of what really went down while he was left alone in the house. At times he really does sound like a human baby who is going through the terrible twos. Any parent who has raised a two year old baby knows how challenging these years can be!

Unlike cats who take pride in their mischief, dogs especially Husky’s tend to feel a sense of remorse and guilt when they know they messed up and have done something very wrong.  There is an entire genre of guilty dog videos and pictures that are just incredibly amusing.

If you have never dabbled in the world of guilty dogs I recommend you google it to brighten your day up.  This hand picked video is one of the best we have ever seen.

After the hilarious show Blu puts on claiming his complete innocence and clearing himself of all wrong doing, I’m sure his owner gave him a big hug, kiss, cuddle and let him know everything is going to be okay!

Hopefully they can go for a nice long walk through the neighborhood so Blu can clear his head and mind while he transforms back into the happy, cute, fuzzy, lovable fur baby he is 99 percent of the time!

An internet superstar has been born and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the this outspoken husky. Blu the Husky has officially earned the title of master of all hissy fits, tantrums and just being darn right adorable in the process.


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Mom Comes Home And Confronts Her Dog About The Giant Mess. He Points and Rats Out The Guilty Party.

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No one likes being called out and told on by someone else. It usually leads to getting into trouble and being punished for whatever you did that you shouldn’t have done!

In many places, informing on another person is a major no-no. It’s socially frowned upon, even unacceptable, and can come with risky consequences. When you’re young it’s called being a tattle-tale, when you’re older and more street-smart (or in prison) it’s called being a rat. But when you’re a dog, it’s called being a good boy!

Special rules apply to dogs because they’re adorable and don’t know any better.. and obviously they’re just special! When a dog does something naughty usually their guilt is written all over their face or they leave a clear trail of destruction in their wake. That’s because they tend to get carried away when they finally get a chance to do something that’s off-limits or forbidden, like the little French Bulldog in this clip.

The cute Frenchie made a mess when her owners left her home alone with just her older brother, a very big and very sweet looking Bull Mastiff. She got a little too excited when she came across a stray roll of toilette paper and accidentally ended up tearing it to shreds. When her humans walked in the door they were greeted by the sight of her draped in chewed up pieces of paper and surrounded by what was left of the roll.

While the evidence and circumstances clearly point to her guilt, the owner nevertheless decides to ask the two who made the mess. As the camera focuses in on the Bull Mastiff he appears to be quite relaxed and at ease, as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. He’s not worried about the whole situation and he replies in the cutest possible way. Without whimpering a word or uttering a sound he simply lifts up one paw and uses it to point at his sister. He ratted out the Frenchie, answered his human, and proved how much he deserves a treat all in one swift move! Now that is a good, smart, handsome dog!

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