Daddy Asks His Cockatoo What’s Wrong? The Cockatoo Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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Looks can often be misleading and at first glance this beautiful snow white cockatoo looks like a serene, calm, majestic creature that’s symbolic of peace and harmony. Give her a few seconds and you’ll discover she’s capable of being anything but that! The feisty spirited bird is having a kitchen floor meltdown and she’s letting everyone within earshot know that she is not happy…

Something has ruffled her feathers but it’s unclear as to exactly what ticked her off. As much as her concerned owners try to figure it out and keep asking her “what is it?” they just cannot get a straight answer. One possible source of this cockatoo’s frustration could be her own self!

At several points she crosses in front of two shiny black appliances, the dishwasher and oven, and appears to view her reflection on the glossy surface peering back at her. The sudden image of another bird would definitely set off her aggressive side and make her act much more territorial and assertive than usual.

Another potential root of the bird’s outrage could simply be that one of her owner’s made her mad. She steps right up to the man recording her at one point and it looks like she is about to go after him! Maybe he didn’t give her a treat or she’s not ready for her close-up and so the camera being trained on her is really not making her happy.

Regardless of whatever the actual case may be, this is one umbrella cockatoo who is not pleased. Even so, she’s adorable, plucky, and full of energy. Her owners clearly adore and shower her with attention, maybe a little too much. If you love birds then you have to check out her kitchen floor tantrum because it’s too cute!

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