Have You Seen These Parking Spots That Have Been Painted Purple? THIS Is What It Means!

For the men and women who have been wounded in combat, the sudden shift from military life to civilian life can be especially difficult. After sacrificing so much while serving their country, injured veterans often face long uphill battles on their road to recovery. While many show outward signs of their injuries and bear bodily scars, many more are wounded internally, in their hearts and minds. These men and women often witnessed horrific tragedies and yet they fail to receive the treatment and help they truly deserve and need. Some go on to develop PTSD or depression and all too often they end up suffering in silence.

Many veterans return home and successfully resume a normal civilian life but countless others struggle with the transition. There are many organizations, charities, support groups, and local community members who want to raise awareness and help those veterans readjust to life outside the military. They offer medical and financial assistance, job training, special housing for those who return disabled, counseling, and much more!

Recently the Wounded Warriors Family Support Organization wrote that in America today “There are an estimated 1.8 million Purple Heart recipients, combat wounded service members who have transitioned back into civilian life.” The organization noted that many of these veterans often go unrecognized by society and without help, and as such our country can do a whole heck of a lot more for them.

Which is why the organization has decided to offer ‘Combat Wounded Parking Signs’ to local businesses across the country who wish to offer reserved parking spaces for those injured in combat. The signs feature a prominent Purple Heart image along with the words ‘combat wounded’ and ‘reserved’ written in purple to clearly signify what it all means. In addition, all of the reserved spots will be painted purple which helps to attract more attention and the signs can be obtained free of charge from the organization.

So far the parking spots and signs have attracted positive interest and both veterans and civilians alike have welcomed and hailed them as a great idea. One social media user commented online “Priorities well placed! Even if the spot is empty, a good reminder for those who walk by.” Now that the word is out and more and more spots are popping up across the country, the concept is steadily gaining and bringing much needed attention to the plight of our nation’s veterans.

The next time you see a purple parking spot, don’t park in it unless you have a Purple Heart! It’s just one small act of respect and acknowledgment that our veteran’s so clearly deserve.

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If You Notice A Green Light Displayed On Your Neighbors Porch Or Window, THIS Is What It Means


Image via: Youtube

We all hear about the millions of military veterans, who were brave enough to fight for our country and are lucky enough to survive, only to return home haunted by their

Transitioning back to civilian life is often difficult, whether it is having to deal with physical trauma and injuries, and/or the psychological ramifications of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many of us have had the occasion to thank a vet for his or her service, but often we may not even know that an individual has served.

In the video you are about to watch below, Lourdes Gonzalez, a US Army vet who served in Iraq, offers insight into her experience at war. Her words were deeply touching and offered some profound perspectives. She emotionally discusses how much it means to her, when people express gratitude for her service. In so doing, we learn about the “GREENLIGHT A VET” initiative, which has provided a simple, but effective means for a more comprehensive way for all of us to say thank you to our vets.

The idea is to display a single visible green light, on a porch, or window that faces the street. The green light provides a universal symbol of our gratitude, for the incredible bravery of our vets, both during and after facing the ravages of war.

Additionally, the color green which has been associated with health and prosperity, is doubly symbolic of what we all wish for them, in their lives going forward. The website for this initiative also makes note that “Giving the Green Light” is a saying that explicitly connotes forward motion.

Listen, as Lourdes expresses her deep appreciation when she sees a green light shining from peoples’ homes; it tells her ” ‘I care. I may not know how to say it, but I care.’ ”

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