They Told Their Cockatoo He Had To Go The Vet. His Tantrum Is The Best Thing Ever.

Ok, so most animals hate going to the vet, and certainly show signs of fear and upset when they realize where they are.  Some may intuitively sense that the dreaded visit is what’s coming, before they leave the house, but can’t communicate it like this cockatoo. If you have a dog or a cat you have probably noticed they start to act strange right around it’s time to get them in the car to their vet visit. This cockatoo is on a whole different level of not wanting to see the vet!

At first Max, the cockatoo,  seems to be “screaming” in an upsetting way as his owner keeps telling him its time to climb out from under the bench and get in his carrier.  However, not to worry, cockatoos are natural “screamers” when they communicate, according to researchers who study them. Apparently this is pretty normal cockatoo behavior.  I wonder if these same researchers met Max they would say this was totally normal..

Finally, he comes out from his hiding place, and changes his tune, literally.  The pitch of his talking becomes much more intelligible, as he lets his owner know what he thinks of the plans to go to the vet.  His vocal and body language reactions are absolutely hilarious.  He truly seems like a child having a tantrum and isn’t about to give in to the growingly impatient prodding by his owner. This video is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.  I hope you have as good a laugh as I did!

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