He Tells His Dog He Can’t Have a Bite Of His Sandwich. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hilarious Tantrum

image via — youtube.com

There are many ways to gain someone’s attention. The different approaches range from courteous and polite to rude and obnoxious. As you can see in this clip, Dinky the Great Dane chose the more direct, loud, and aggressive route. The big boy threw a little temper tantrum in order to ensure his owner’s focus was all on him. That’s because he was begging for a bite of his dad’s yummy looking and delicious smelling lunch, a meat and cheese stuffed sandwich!

The Great Dane is quite the persistent, in your face type of beggar. He can be heard growling and whining loudly, his deep rumble makes him sound like he’s a full grown lion! While many people would give in to their pet’s demands by now, Dinky’s owner makes him wait and work for a bite. He asks for the dog to say “I love you” and when he eventually hears it, Dinky finally gets his treat!

Further along in the clip Dinky’s equally large brother Romeo, who is also a Great Dane, and Peanut, the other little fella who is sitting at his father’s feet, join in the begging alongside him. They are the complete opposite of their noisy, whiny brother and instead of throwing a tantrum they just sit there silently while patiently awaiting their turn.

In the end all the beggars get a taste of dad’s lunch and Dinky finally quiets down. The bite of food must really relax him. Regardless of his antics, he sure is adorable and quite the talker!

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