Human Wakes Her Tired Dog Up To Go For A Walk. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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If you’re not a morning person then you probably really hate having to wake up. Many of us find it very difficult to get up out of our nice, warm, soft, cozy beds and would prefer to lay in them for as long as we wish to. While having to get up for work or school is bad enough, the last thing in the world that non-morning people want to do after stumbling out of bed is take a walk.

These types of feelings are not limited to just people, quite a few of our pet animals feel the same way. One dog in particular, a seven year old Siberian Husky named Zeus, also really loathes the prospect of being rudely awakened to go on a morning walk. His reaction in the accompanying video says it all.

Zeus’s adorable temper tantrum is his way of telling his owner to leave him alone! He whines and howls up an endless storm of protest and barely stops to take in a breathe of fresh air. Zeus is an expert at throwing sass back at his owners in order to get his way. In another one of his videos which went viral prior to this one he can be seen laying in the bath tub on his side while whining and crying. However, he’s not really throwing a tantrum in the tub, he’s just begging to take a bath!

Zeus is definitely not a normal dog! He appears to either love doing the things that most dogs hate, i.e. bathing, or he hates doing the things that most dogs love, like going for walks. Even when his little brother Kaden, the German Shepherd, barks at him and tries to get him up, he doesn’t budge. He’s making one thing abundantly clear, he’s definitely not in the mood for brisk morning exercise and just wants to lay on his bed!

All of the anti-morning people out there can sympathize with him on this one so check him out for a good laugh!

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Each Time This Spoiled Lil Rabbit’s Dad Stops Petting Him The Bunny Throws The Funniest Tantrum!

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Some animals know exactly what they want and oftentimes they enjoy receiving a nice, gentle, relaxing hand massage from their human companions. It’s no secret that many of our furry pets love to be pet, which may be why we call them “pets” in the first place. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and we call it petting because they are our pets. Whatever the case may be, lots of animals simply love being stroked and scratched. They usually have a sweet spot where they especially like being rubbed. For cats it seems to be around the cheeks, dogs like their ears and back scratched, and then there are some whose sweet spot is everywhere and anywhere.

The little bunny in this video seems to fall in the latter category. From the looks of it he likes being pet all over, especially down his backside. The man in the video gently strokes his ears, nose, cheekbones, temples, head, and back, while the bunny twitches his nose and sits with a content expression on his face, his body completely relaxed and at ease.

When the man stops petting him the bunny is clearly not happy about it. He stamps his furry little paws and lets out adorable growling sounds in protest. It might just be the cutest behavior I’ve ever seen a rabbit do! At one point the furry little guy searches for more pet-pets by crawling under the man’s hand, urging him to resume the mini-massage that he so rudely ended. This bunny knows what he wants and he’s basically telling the man through his grunts, growls, and foot thumping that he is not pleased the cuddle session ended!

Contrary to popular belief, lots of rabbits love being pet and shown affection. The areas they most enjoy being pet is on their head and down their backside. Many often like their dewlap, the roll of skin underneath their chin, scratched and rubbed, but some don’t like this at all. The bunny will let you know whether or not it’s enjoying the attention. When they purr, chatter their teeth, flop over, and close their eyes it means they like it and if you stop and they poke your hand with their head it means “don’t stop, keep petting!”

Rabbits are very expressive, you just have to know how to read them, and over time you become familiar and accustomed to an individual one’s behavior. Like every other pet, they have their own distinct personalities!

The adorable bunny in this video has certainly bonded with his human friend as he feels comfortable telling the man what to do. The little cutie looks so happy being pet and snuggled in his blanket, and if that can’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will. Enjoy this hysterical video

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If you enjoyed this fussy bunny tantrum throwing an adorable tantrum when he doesn’t get his pet pets keep scrolling for a strange and hilarious sheep herding bunny:

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You have probably heard of dogs herding sheep, but have you ever heard of bunnies herding sheep?  Meet Champis the strangest and unique bunny possibly in the entire wold!  This hilarious little rabbit has a rare talent for sheep herding. He takes his job seriously and does it everyday! I’m pretty sure Champis isn’t sure he’s a rabbit and he clearly doesn’t know how to bunny at all!

His Human Greta Vigren first realized Champis’ talent after the sheep were released after a long winter.  She says, that he just started acting like a good old fashion sheepdog and had no prior training.  He is strictly a sheep herding bunny because he tends to leave the hens alone and treats them in a much more gentle and nurturing way.

According to his human, this bunny is the king of the farm, his ego is completely out of control, and his reign is over the hens and the sheep! All the other animals on the farm know this lil’ bunny is completely running the show. He might be small in stature but don’t be fooled by his size this lil’ guy is all business all the time!

Dan Westman, the man who shot the video and works with sheepdogs everyday exclaimed that very few dogs could do what this rabbit does.  Champis was never taught this behavior and just started doing it on his own.  Maybe he was a sheep dog in his past life?

Have you ever seen a sheep herding bunny? Let us know!

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Well a sheep herding bunny was a first me! So strange yet so adorable. If you enjoyed the sheep herding bunny keep scrolling and check out our next story when this baby attempts to eat a cookie but the bunny decides to snatch it and run away with the tasty snack:

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A mother decided to record her 5 month old baby’s first bite of solid food so she could cherish and relive the memory forever.  She set up her camera, started rolling, and gave the young child a Ritz cracker to enjoy.  The baby takes his time exploring the new food, smelling it and putting it near his mouth.  Right beside him is a furry bunny named Oreo who is just as interested and curious about the food as the baby is.

As the child begins to put the cracker in his mouth the bunny swiftly snatches it out of his grasp and quickly hops away.  The kid never even got a nibble on it!  The rabbit seized the opportunity to steal his favorite snack, Ritz wheat crackers, and took full advantage of the situation for himself.  The baby  seems to be unsure about what just happened and confused about why he no longer has his cracker.  It was all too new and fast for him to fully understand.

When the camera zooms in on Oreo in the background it captures him happily snacking away on his favorite treat.  The next time mom tries to give her baby a cracker she better keep Oreo out of the area because he is just too sneaky and quick when it comes to snagging food!

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Great Dane Is Not Happy When Mom Tells Him To Get Off The Bed. He Then Throws a Hysterical Hissy Fit

Great Danes look both impressive and imposing all at once. Weighing in at well over 100 pounds and standing at a shoulder height of 30 inches or more on average, they are considered giants of the canine world. However large and in charge as they may appear to be, don’t let their size fool you! As it turns out, Great Danes are also called the ‘Gentle Giants’ of the dog world and they have most definitely earned that nickname. They are incredibly friendly, even-tempered, and sweet natured dogs that love to be pet and doted on by their owners.

They also get along well with other animals, including cats, and are extra careful and safe around children. Thanks to their size, intelligence, loyalty, trustworthiness, and good looks, they are the 15th most popular dog breed in America, according to data and records compiled by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2014 and 2015.

Another major reason why Great Danes have proven to be so popular is that they don’t require a lot of work or exercise. Instead of running around and always yearning to go on walks, they prefer resting and low key activities. In fact, it’s actually bad for their health to over-exercise them because they’re prone to bone and joint related issues due to their enormous size and rapid growth rate. Daily walks are fine and necessary, but they shouldn’t be super long or arduous.

It seems that one Great Dane has taken the above information to heart because all that he really wants to do is stay in bed and relax, and who can blame him?! Max is his name and according to his Facebook page bio he’s six years old and lives alongside his sister Katie, also a Great Dane, his mom and dad, plus a few little kitty cats.

As you can see in this clip, life is good for the big handsome guy. One fine afternoon he was relaxing on his parent’s spacious, soft comfy bed, as he often does, when his mom told him to get up. Being deaf, Max couldn’t actually hear her, but all it took was one glance her way and he knew what she wanted. Rather than quietly obey and go along with her wishes, he decided to throw a little attitude her way instead and launched into a noisy, albeit halfhearted, fit!

While Max may be deaf, he’s clearly not mute because he got really vocal. He whined and cried out in protest, all while yawning and trying his best to not pass back out! He’s just like the rest of us when we don’t want to wake up or leave our cozy beds any earlier than we absolutely have to. Check out the big guy for a good laugh and please pass this along, it’ll help brighten somebody else’s day!

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Mama Puts This Adorable Lil’ Bulldog In His Car Seat. The Pup Proceeds To Throw A Temper Tantrum.

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Dogs often have mixed feelings when it comes to riding in a car or truck. Some absolutely love going for a breezy cruise and will readily jump right on in, whereas others loathe having to go for a ride and will do anything to avoid it. Then there are the majority who fall somewhere in the middle. They are the puppy’s who seem to enjoy car excursions or at least tolerate them.

That’s where Bosley, the adorable French Bulldog in this video, fits in. He’s tiny but boy can he throw a hissy fit! Safety first even if it means that the little guy will throw a huge tantrum like a toddler who doesn’t get their ice cream. Sometimes as a parent and in this case a pet parent you need to do the right thing regardless of how your fur baby reacts.  Bosley trust us this is for your own good and you will thank your humans when you are older.

The cute little Frenchie was out and about one day riding in the car with his owner when something upset him. Perhaps it was the car seat that he was securely strapped into in the backseat, it doesn’t look like the most comfortable thing to sit in. Even so, the doggy seat is for his own good and protection. Not only will it keep him safe and sound, he looks adorable in it!

While the car seat may or may not have been the source of his frustrations, Bosely was clearly not happy. He made sure that his feelings were known and clearly heard by throwing a mini tantrum, protesting and whining in the cutest possible way that only a little Frenchie could pull off! He whimpers and squeals as he cries his way through the short clip while giving his saddest puppy face to the camera. He’s so cute and funny!

Near the very end of the video Bosley’s older sister Beatrice, a fellow French Bulldog, pops her head up and makes a surprise guest appearance! She’s checking in on her noisy brother and seeing what all the fuss is about. The two dogs live in Colorado with their loving owner who’s always taking them out and bringing them along on nice walks and fun trips to area parks. Check the adorable pair out and listen to the strangely hilarious sounds Bosley squeaks out!

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Human Asks Giant Dog If He Wants Green Beans For Dinner. He Responds With a Hilarious Temper Tantrum

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Some dogs seems to always be hungry and no matter how many treats they finagle out of their owners, or food they eat for dinner, they still want more! This seems to be a widely shared attribute among many of our beloved animal companions whose appetites have no limits.

At the same time, while most of these dogs will eat whatever you put in front of them, they do have certain limitations as to what they will scarf down. For example, if their owner tries to sneak in some healthy mix-ins to their kibble, like fresh veggies or a new reduced-calorie type of food, they won’t eat it! However, every dog has his or her own preferences and what some turn their noses at, others happily chow down on.

Such is the case for the beautiful dog in this clip. His name is Avalanche and he loves eating, it’s safe to say that dinner time is probably his favorite time of day. When his mom asks him if he wants to eat supper he enthusiastically responds in such a way that can only be interpreted as “Yes please!!”

Keeping the big fluffy six year old Alaskan Malamute healthy and in shape means supplementing his meals with something most dogs would be hesitant to eat; green beans. But Avalanche is not a picky eater and when his mom asks him if he wants some green beans with his meal he really goes off.

The mention of the healthy vegetable gets him talking and he moans and chatters away adorably in the short sweet clip. He is one intelligent dog who is unbelievably furry. He’s already a large dog to begin with but his fur makes him appear giant! I bet all those green beans definitely help to keep his skin and fur coat in top condition.

Check out the big fluffy dog’s adorable fit and don’t forget to pass this clip on, it’ll help spread some cheer!

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Daddy Tells His Huge Great Dane He Can’t Have His Sandwich. The Big Baby Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

In this hysterical video, Dinky the Great Dane throws a tantrum because his daddy, Ron, won’t give up his egg sandwich. It looks so delicious, and Dinky loves eggs so much. He doesn’t hold anything back as he lets his dad know just how he feels about the situation! In response, dad uses logics, “you didn’t even eat your own food, why do you want mine?” to which Dinky repeatedly replies, “I love you!” It is a respectable and exceptionally effective move.

The situation eventually becomes too much for his brother, Romeo, who jumps up and performs a perfect sad puppy routine that no human, no matter how strong, would be able to resist. In a feat of indelible persistence, Dinky and Romeo finally manage to break down dad’s defenses and manage to get a little piece of that sweet egg sandwich action. The real winner in this story is their little brother Peanut!

While his brothers were losing their minds over the dire situation, he played it cool and let them do all the work. He made sure to stay close by, however, so that when the inevitable payout commenced, he would get his fair share. Whereas Dinky got paid for his incredible vocal skills, and Romeo for his amazing sad eye performance, Peanut garners his wages through sheer conniving intelligence. Well played, Peanut, well played.

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