Mom Tells Her Dog He Can’t Have Gravy On His Food. So He Decides To Throw a Hysterical Temper Tantrum.

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Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows what an event their pup’s dinner can be. As soon as one of these adorable fur babies realizes that it’s almost feeding time they tend to get super excited. They may begin to bark playfully at their human wagging their tale so hard that their entire body will sway from side to side. Sometimes, if they sense their tasty supper is not coming exactly on time they can throw a hissy fit or temper tantrum to help remind their human remember to fill that bowl now, or else….Most of the time you don’t want to know what the ‘or else’ leads to because they may just find your brand new pair of shoes and decide to eat them instead!

A lot of canines have unique and different quirks when it comes to food. Some will eat just about anything on Gods green earth, while others can be super picky and will only eat the specific foods they love. Some of these picky pups will even refuse to eat, even if it’s their favorite food but it isn’t prepared exactly to their liking. There’s a good chance if you ever had a dog or have on presently they fall into one of these categories…

This brings us to today’s hilarious video which features a pup named Gregory and his mama who is known as ‘Aunt Boo’ from Raleigh, North Carolina. From what we can gather from the video, it seems as if Aunt Boo’s special southern gravy recipe is just out of this world delicious! Her hilarious fur baby Gregory has obviously had a taste or two of Aunt Boo’s famous southern gravy and is clearly fixing to get his paws on some in order to make his less tasty dry dinner complete!

From the sound of it, Aunt Boo recently has been spoiling her son quite a bit lately while she tells him, “No, you can’t have gravy every time!” Gregory however isn’t going to go down without a fight as he vehimently refuses to eat his less palatable dry food. He begins by first barking at his mama which at first sounds like a nice deep bark, but quickly devolves into one can only be described as a hilarious pathetic whimper. Just like a child who stomps their feet when they don’t get their way, Gregory stomps his paws, jumps side to side and eventually begins rolling on his back while vocalizing a hilarious hissy fit.

Aunt Boo holds her ground just like any responsible mother would do if their child is throwing a ridiculous hissy fit just because they aren’t getting what they want, when they want it! She tries to explain to the spoiled fur baby, that under no circumstances is her famous gravy going anywhere near his food dish on this evening. Then she goes on to hilariously tell him that if he’s so ridiculously hungry, flopping around like a fish out of water and throwing a temper tantrum is not going to fill his belly! It’s hard to tell if Gregory understands this logic because the hissy fit persists and neither party will back down!

The whole ordeal is just too funny and by the end, Aunt Boo struggles to remain stern with him because let’s face it, this pup is not only adorable but his quirky personality is just freakin’ hilarious. Gregory might just be my new favorite internet dog superstar and I can’t wait to watch more videos of Gregory and Aunt Boo bickering back in forth like an old marry couple. This totally made my day and legit I had to watch the short clip multiples because I just couldn’t get enough of this dynamic duo..

Watch the video below and enjoy (note if video doesn’t play automatically on your phone or tablet turn the device horizontal):

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