He Tells His Dog He Can’t Have a Bite Of His Sandwich. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hilarious Tantrum

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There are many ways to gain someone’s attention. The different approaches range from courteous and polite to rude and obnoxious. As you can see in this clip, Dinky the Great Dane chose the more direct, loud, and aggressive route. The big boy threw a little temper tantrum in order to ensure his owner’s focus was all on him. That’s because he was begging for a bite of his dad’s yummy looking and delicious smelling lunch, a meat and cheese stuffed sandwich!

The Great Dane is quite the persistent, in your face type of beggar. He can be heard growling and whining loudly, his deep rumble makes him sound like he’s a full grown lion! While many people would give in to their pet’s demands by now, Dinky’s owner makes him wait and work for a bite. He asks for the dog to say “I love you” and when he eventually hears it, Dinky finally gets his treat!

Further along in the clip Dinky’s equally large brother Romeo, who is also a Great Dane, and Peanut, the other little fella who is sitting at his father’s feet, join in the begging alongside him. They are the complete opposite of their noisy, whiny brother and instead of throwing a tantrum they just sit there silently while patiently awaiting their turn.

In the end all the beggars get a taste of dad’s lunch and Dinky finally quiets down. The bite of food must really relax him. Regardless of his antics, he sure is adorable and quite the talker!

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He Tells His Big Pup He Can’t Have His Sandwich. The Big Baby Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum

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In this hysterical video, Dinky the Great Dane throws a tantrum because his daddy, Ron, won’t give up his egg sandwich. It looks so delicious, and Dinky loves eggs so much. He doesn’t hold anything back as he lets his dad know just how he feels about the situation! In response, dad uses logics, “You didn’t even eat your own food, why do you want mine?” to which Dinky repeatedly replies, “I love you!” It is a respectable and exceptionally effective move!

The situation eventually becomes too much for his brother, Romeo, who jumps up and performs a perfect sad puppy routine that no human, no matter how strong, would be able to resist. In a feat of indelible persistence, Dinky and Romeo finally manage to break down dad’s defenses and manage to get a little piece of that sweet and tasty egg sandwich action. But, the real winner in this story is their little brother Peanut!

While his brothers were losing their minds over the dire situation, he played it cool and let them do all the work. He made sure to stay close by, however, so that when the inevitable payout commenced, he would get his fair share. Whereas Dinky got paid for his incredible vocal skills, and Romeo for his amazing sad eye performance, Peanut garners his wages through sheer conniving intelligence! Well played, Peanut, well played…

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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She Confronts This Guilty Pup About A Missing Sandwich. But Then He Reveals It With An Unexpected Surprise!

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Everyone reacts differently when they get caught red handed doing something that they know is wrong. Some people stop whatever they were doing, own up to their guilt and apologize for any wrongdoing, while others just try to disappear and avoid any and all conflict.

A lot of the time we deny that we’re doing anything bad, regardless of how obviously caught we may be. When that happens, it helps to hide all the incriminating evidence of the misdeeds and to keep your mouth shut.

That’s exactly what one dog did when his owner noticed her sandwich was missing after she briefly stepped out of the room. The only suspect she had was her dog, Saben, who was sitting looking innocent and yet guilty all at once on the couch. She asked him “what happened to my sandwich” to which he responded by turning his head to avoid her eyes.

That’s when she noticed that he had a suspicious looking lump bulging around his mouth area and she deduced that he’d hidden her sandwich in his mouth! Poor Saben must have been caught in the act before he could even swallow the tasty treat and thought he’d be able to hold it there for later.

As hard as he appears to have tried, the dry bread and uncomfortable feeling of a mouthful of food was too much for him to bear. Saben ended up gracefully spitting out the sandwich, which fell from his mouth to the edge of the sofa to the floor.

By doing that he killed two birds with one stone, he gave the sandwich back to his owner and relieved himself of the guilt of his crime. His owner thankfully appears to have a great sense of humor about the whole situation and hopefully Saben learned a lesson from all of this!

The next time you get caught red handed and are about to get an earful, try keeping your mouth shut no matter what. It helps to avoid an escalation in the drama and your words can’t be used against you if you say nothing. Try to look as innocent as can be and a little groveling action, in terms of slight bodily movements, can also help.

However, make sure your mouth isn’t stuffed full of food because as Saben has taught us, it will all come spilling out!

This dog video will make your day! 🙂

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Little Boy Thinks Mom Served Him a Poop Sandwich. He Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Fit.

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It’s a well known fact that kid’s say the funniest things. It’s also no secret that they can be incredibly picky and downright fussy eaters. Put the two together and you’re bound to end up with at least a few hilarious memories. This clip captured one of those special moments, it’s quite the gem so be sure to check it out!

It all started when Jamie Laforest was feeding her toddler son Declan his dinner. On this night she was serving him something new that he had never ever tried before in his short life, a sloppy Joe sandwich. It appears that after taking one look at his plate Declan immediately lost any appetite that he may have had!

Rather than enthusiastically biting right into the sandwich, he chose to take it apart and examine it further. The close inspection of his food was met with even more disgust before he looked up at his mother and exclaimed “It’s poop! Yuck!” Everyone within earshot burst out laughing and while you can hear his sister telling him that it’s not poop, her reassurance meant nothing to him.

He was adamant that the sandwich was poop and threw the cutest, most hilarious fit ever. He just kept repeating “it’s poop” over and over until it got to the point that he’d convinced himself of this false fact! When his mother chimed in and said “That is a sloppy Joe. Momma wouldn’t feed you nasty. It’s hamburger meat” her words went in one ear and out the other. He wasn’t having any of it, the food or what others were telling him!

In the end, Declan was all but positive that his mother had served him a poop sandwich. He refused to eat it and settled for a few measly chips instead of risking a bite of the gross looking lump of meat and bread on his plate. Being not a fan of sloppy Joe’s, I’d do the same if I were him and now that he mentions it they really do look exactly like poop. I’ll never look at a sloppy Joe the same way ever again!

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