This Royal Guard Notices A Little Kid Copying All His Moves. So He Responds By Doing THIS

There are lots of videos and stories about tourists and members of the public trying to make Royal Guards laugh or crack a smile. It’s hard to to get them to break protocol but that doesn’t stop people from trying. Most people think only Great Britain has a Royal Guard, but other countries do as well, including Sweden.

They are responsible for protecting the Swedish Royal family and are always stationed at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, as well as at Drottningholm Palace, the private residence of the royal family. They have guarded the family since 1523 and the Royal Palace upon it’s completion, with no facial expressions, perfect uniforms, and stoic rigidity ever since.

The little boy in this video must dream of being a soldier and he’s well on his way to becoming one. He copies the distinctive walking style, pace, and moves of the guard on duty very well. He must have studied and practiced it before because he looks too polished and professional for a beginner.

The boy even carries his own toy, in place for a rifle, or a stick or something (it’s hard to see exactly what it is). He is fun to watch as he marches around and appears to have drawn the attention of some onlookers. Even the guard seems impressed although it’s nearly impossible to tell since most of the view and angle is of their backside.

Either way, the guard lets the boy go about his fun and games, mimicking and copying the professional soldier, and that probably made the boy’s day! This is just the most heart warming thing I’ve seen today. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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