Little Boy Gets His Hands On Daddy’s Clippers. But When He Turns Around A Hysterical Surprise!

Kids get into all sorts of trouble when they’re growing up. They often don’t mean to misbehave, it’s just that they still have a lot to learn about the world and right from wrong. Even so, some of the situations they manage to get themselves into are simply unbelievable… and hilarious! Parents are well aware that if you don’t watch your little ones closely, you may end up with a big mess on your hands or something that’s really embarrassing, like a strange new haircut. Kids are famous for giving themselves home haircuts and experimenting with new dos but usually the outcomes are less than impressive. In fact, sometimes they are absolutely hideous!

Case in point is the poor little boy in this video. He decided to take his dad’s razor and shave the hair on his head clean off. However, he only managed to shave about half of his head towards the front. The back part was still all there and the hair fully intact, which made his new haircut look pretty strange and seriously hilarious! Can you imagine your child coming up to you with hair like this?!

The poor kid knows he messed up and is clearly sorry. He cries up at the camera and promises “I’ll never touch daddy’s razor again!” in his cutest, most innocent voice. I know it’s not nice to laugh at someone, especially a child, but come on, you can’t help but giggle at this kids haircut. It’s just too funny! Plus, the terrible cut can easily be fixed, all dad has to do is shave the rest of his head. At least now the boy learned his lesson and won’t touch his father’s razor ever again!

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