She Takes Kosher Salt and Stirs It Inside a Jar of Vaseline. The Reason Is Brilliant!

Practically everyone keeps a tub of Vaseline somewhere in their house, whether it’s in the medicine cabinet, under the sink, or in an emergency first aid kit. The product comes in handy for a variety of different uses which range from medical to beauty to household related and so much more, no wonder it was originally called “Wonder Jelly!”

Vaseline is actually the brand name for a certain type of petroleum jelly sold by Unilever that’s free of any colors, added fragrances, and other possible irritants. While most people know that it’s great for soothing dry skin and lubricating things, there are so many other neat ways beyond that to utilize a tub of the gooey stuff. Both this article and the accompanying video from the Slivki Show EN channel on YouTube focus on several of the best Vaseline hacks. They may just come in handy down the line and will definitely save you time and money! Here they are:

Homemade body scrub- To make an all-natural, exfoliating, and deep moisturizing body scrub simply mix together Vaseline with kosher salt. Try it the next time you shower!

Prevent steel tools from rusting- Waterproof them as well by wiping them with a coat of Vaseline.

Start a fire- Take a piece of cloth or cotton balls and dip them generously in Vaseline. These are perfect for lighting a fire because they catch easily and burn for a long time. If you plan on going camping, seal cotton balls in a small Zip-loc bag and use them as tinder.

Groom and pamper your kitty- Massage a little bit of Vaseline into your cat’s paws to help protect the sensitive pads, especially if your cat spends a lot of time outdoors.

Keep car battery terminals corrosion free- Over time automotive battery terminals build up crud caused by corrosion, which can negatively impact your car’s performance. To prevent this from happening remove the clamps connected to the battery, smear a bit of Vaseline on each of the posts, then re-connect the clamps.

Fix a squeaky door- Rub Vaseline on all the hinges, the extra lubrication will stop the squeaking.

Get rid of water stains, rings, and marks on wood furniture- Take a soft cotton cloth and use it to buff some Vaseline into the wood. Rub it in like furniture polish, in tight circles, until the surface is even, smooth, and shiny.

Make a candle- Tightly roll up a small square of paper into a thin tube then place it halfway in a tub of Vaseline so half is sticking out. These burn brightly and are perfect for emergencies.

Keep your cheeks warm in the cold- When it’s super cold outside rub a little Vaseline on your cheeks and face to keep your skin from getting cold and chapped.

Revamp old leather shoes- Make tired, worn out leather shoes look like new again by buffing them with a little Vaseline. It reconditions them and also has a waterproofing effect.

Prevent nail polish bottle caps from sticking- Take a cotton swab and dab some Vaseline on the threads around the base of the bottle opening where the cap twists on. Now it won’t stick the next time you go to open it.

Moisturize rough, dry skin on your feet- Before you go to bed slather Vaseline all over your feet, put on a pair of socks, and wake up to smooth soft skin.

Prevent sensitive ears from jewelry irritation- If your ears become sore from wearing earrings try rubbing Vaseline on the metal stud part that goes through your ear. It coats the earrings and helps them slide through, lessening any negative reaction or sensitivity.

Extend the life of your perfume- If the scent of your perfume disappears too quickly Vaseline can help it last longer by holding the fragrance without altering the scent. Simply apply a little bit of Vaseline on the area where you plan to spritz it on, then spray the perfume over that same area.

If you don’t already have a jar of Vaseline on hand, do yourself a favor and pick some up. It can be used to touch up makeup, moisturize dry skin and elbows, loosen stuck lids, and for so much more. Vaseline is a product that can seemingly do it all!

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