Young 8 Years Old Kid Gets To School and His Head Is Frozen Solid. Teacher Takes a Closer Look and His Heart Is Broken!

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In life an education is probably the most vital thing you can get in life to make sure you can get a job and provide for yourself in the future. Unfortunately many people all around the world, aren’t given the opportunity to get an education and set themselves up for a life of success. Others are given a chance to go to school, however the conditions are so terrible, the books are so broken down and the teachers really don’t have any incentive to teach their students, so they don’t even try to fill their young students minds with knowledge and wisdom.

This brings us to today’s heartbreaking story. An 8 year old boy from China named Wang Foom whose mother recently abandoned the family which forced his father to get a job to support Wang and his children on his own. They originally came from a small Province in China and jobs were tough to find, so his father had to head to the city to look for work to provide for his family.

While Wang’s dad went to work in the city, Wang had no other choice to move in with his grandma. Grandma lived over 3 miles from Wang’s school. To make matters worse his grandmother didn’t drive or have a drivers license. Also, the school didn’t have bus transportation that would travel 3 miles out to Wang’s grandmother’s house. During the warmer seasons it was okay, Wang would walk for 4 hours a day to school so that he could get his education however, during winter his 4 hour walk was terribly brutal on the young man.

The winter’s can be very cold and drop well below freezing on a daily basis. One extremely cold day in the middle of winter, Wang’s grandma begged Wang not to go to school because the freezing temperatures could be dangerous and lead to a tragedy. Wang told his grandma there was no way he could miss school that day because he had a huge test and he took school very seriously. Against grandmas wishes Wang left home, took the long arduous walk to school, even though he knew it was going to be cold he wasn’t prepared for how cold this particular trip to school would be. As he walked his hair completely froze and so did his eyebrows. By the time he made it to class, his entire head was frozen solid!

His teacher looked Wang over and knew it was just his hair that was frozen. His cheeks were beginning to burn up and he couldn’t even hold his pencil to take the exam! That didn’t stop Wang though, with the little mobility he had left in his hands he grabbed his pencil and somehow took the test even in his frozen condition. Even though Wang showed incredible determination and amazing resilience and is basically just a little hero, his teacher was very concerned with the whole situation and brought Wang to the principal’s office to try and figure out a solution for this poor frozen kid so this never had to happen again.

The principal was just as concerned as the teacher and snapped a picture of Wang to try to raise awareness and get the school to provide some type of transportation. He posted the photo of Wang on social media and it immediately went viral! It got 100’s of thousands of shares, comments and likes as the world heard his story, saw the heartbreaking image of the young man, and empathy and support started coming in from all corners of planet earth!

This boy, basically risked his life, just to take a test in school! For most of us who live in more fortunate circumstances we easily would’ve taken the day off, waited for it to warm up and then go in and take the test without almost having to die! To add salt to the wound, after school ended that day, Wang would have to take the freezing treacherous walk back home to his grandma’s home!

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Mom’s 4 Year Old Daughter Got Home From School Hungry With a Disturbing Note In Her Lunch Box

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Well it’s that time of year again, somehow summer has ended and it’s time to get them kids back to school. This means it’s time to start picking up those backpacks, pencils, binders, books, lunch boxes and some nice fresh new clothes. Parents all around America are finally breathing a sigh of relief as the 24/7 kid patrol ends as they bring their children to the bus stop and get them on that bus to school.

Ah the sweet joys of silence inside a peaceful and soon to be clean house. Time to take a deep breath, regroup and remember what it’s like to be an adult human again. The kids are also now transitioning into their new grade, new classes, new teachers, new friends and sometimes even new schools. For many children adapting to a whole new routine, dealing with with new people and acquiescing to their new environments can take some time.

Some can quickly get comfortable, while others have a more difficult time and can experience a decent amount of stress and anxiety. Faculty at school is supposed to be trained to make the school environment feel as safe and comfortable as humanly possible, however this isn’t always the case…

This brings us to today’s story, featuring a woman named Leeza Pearson and her daughter 4-year-old daughter Natalee. One morning Leeza and Natalee were doing their usual morning routine before school. Making breakfast, picking out an outfit and packing a school lunch. On this particular day Leeza had run out of vegetables and fruits so she just decided to give Natalee a little treat and packed her up some tasty Oreos to go along with her ham and cheese sandwich and cheese strings.

She didn’t think much of it, and sent her off to the Children’s Academy in Aurora, Colorado. That afternoon mom picked up her daughter from school and something just didn’t seem right. For some reason she said to her mom she was super hungry which usually wasn’t the case.

Mom asked her how her lunch was and for some weird reason she just didn’t answer. Leeza asked her if everything was alright with her lunch and she told her it was fine but her inflection and voice made mama a bit suspicious.

When they got home mom opened Natalee’s lunch box and her eyes nearly popped out of the sockets. Her jaw hit the floor as she saw the unopened pack of Oreos and a hand written not sitting beside the Oreos. She picked up the note, with her hand trembling just a bit and began reading this strange note line by line…….

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Teacher Grabs Crying Kids Lunch and Tosses It In The Trash! Then Tells Him He Can’t Eat This At School Again!

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Childhood obesity is a huge obstacle facing kids these days.  Rates of overweight and underactive kids are skyrocketing, and many things are to blame.  From increasingly sedentary lifestyles to sugar laden, highly processed foods that are all too convenient, it’s easy to see how kids are packing on the pounds.  More exercise and forming healthy eating habits early on can help to curb obesity but it’s hard to monitor what a child’s eating when they’re at school and exposed to unhealthy meals or vending machines.

That is precisely why many schools have stepped up their efforts to ensure that kids have much better access to healthier snacks and meals.  Many have banned unhealthy snacks altogether in vending machines and are emphasizing fresher more natural options, such as fruits and vegetables, while cutting out highly processed, fatty, and sugary foods.

In Canada some schools have gone as far as to regulate what foods are allowed in packed lunches as well.  However, some places may have gone a little too far in their efforts to curb unhealthy eating habits and that has led to complaints from parents.  Several reports have noted that schools are strictly enforcing their eating codes and fining parents who fail to include the listed healthy snacks.  In effect, if a child goes to school with cookies, candy, soda, or a banned item, school officials can take it away and throw it in the trash. As a replacement, the child is given a healthy snack and the school bills the parents for it.

Such was the case in Durham, Ontario Canada where a healthy eating program had been enacted in the public schools.  One four year old boy had a slice of homemade banana bread taken away from him by his teacher who threw it in the trash. Being so young, the boy didn’t really understand what was happening and so he became confused and upset when the snack his mother had packed for him was confiscated.  

His mother, Elaine Daoust, was also upset by the incident and was told by the school that because the banana bread contained chocolate chips it violated their healthy snack policy. The school did not bother to replace what they took away from her son and so all he had to eat that day was a small bag of grapes she had also packed for him.  Furthermore, she had packed the same homemade banana bread before for him and had no issues, so why was it suddenly prohibited. It’s not like she packed him a chocolate candy bar, there were just a couple of chocolate chips and it was a small slice of bread to begin with!

According to Elaine, her son had been given a chart about healthy eating habit and a note explaining the decision from his teacher.  According to a local news report on the issue, a group of about 30 other parents in the same school district claim that their children have also had food items confiscated from them.  Some of the prohibited items mentioned include granola bars, goldfish crackers, string cheese, and chocolate milk. In the majority of these instances the food in question is not inherently unhealthy or clearly banned.  

In the end, the schools have seemingly been given wide discretion.  What they regard as healthy or unhealthy can change day to day and depends on the teacher.  Perhaps more important is the fact that they are not taking into consideration the parent’s choices for their children.  After all, lots of kids are picky eaters, some have allergies, others have medical conditions which severely restrict what they’re able to eat, and a parent knows and accommodates these factors.  We all want out kids to be healthy, but that shouldn’t mean taking food from a child.

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THIS Teacher Notices A Little Boy Driving On The Freeway. But Then Spots His Face In Horrified Terror!

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Teaching young children is no easy job and after a hectic day of chasing after her first grade students, Keller Sutherland was questioning her choice of career. As she left Ellen Woodside Elementary School in South Carolina, she wondered if she was truly getting through to her students or even making a difference. At least her usual Wednesday afternoon meetings had been cancelled and so now she had extra time to rest and relax.

As she drove down busy highway U.S. 25, she noticed a young boy riding his bike in and out of traffic without a helmet on. Since there was no shoulder or median, this was not a safe road for anyone to bike on, let alone a little kid. While other drivers were passing him, they were not slowing down much at all. Concerned for the child’s safety, Keller turned around as soon as she could and when she pulled up alongside him, she recognized the boy as one of her old students.

Seven year old Cameron Simoncic had been in her class the previous year. He’d always been very well behaved which made her wonder why he would be out on the busy highway all alone, surely he knew better than to act so recklessly. When she called out to him, he stopped and after asking him what he was doing he told her that he was going to his grandmother’s house. Keller asked him if his father knew where he was and Cameron said no, so she told him to tell her what was going on.

That’s when Cameron told her that his father was a diabetic and had had an episode. When he walked in the door after school, he had found his dad lying unconscious on the kitchen floor. Cameron had tried to call 911 but his dad’s cell phone was locked and so he ran to several of the neighbor’s houses but none of them were home. Since his grandma lived 5 miles away, he decided to race over there to get help but that meant he had to ride on the busy highway.

Upon hearing that his dad was having a diabetic episode, Keller called 911 immediately and had Cameron give them his address. When emergency services responded they found his father and gave him insulin shots which helped stabilize him. Soon after Keller and Cameron arrived back at the house and she offered his father some crackers she had left over from lunch to snack on and help stabilize his blood sugar levels. Thirty minutes later he was back to normal and speaking clearly with the EMTs, so they cleared him and left.

Afterwards, Keller had a renewed sense of purpose and was no longer left questioning her career as she had been earlier that day. Her students needed her, and she would always be there for them no matter what. In the wake of Cameron’s story, the school also began teaching students how to make emergency phone calls on a variety of cell phone types. That way they can get help even if they are locked out of a cell phone and will be familiar with what to do.

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Professor Notices a Kid From Her Class Alone On The Street. But She Quickly Figures Out He Is Desperate For Help!

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School teachers deserve way more credit than they get. They pour their hearts and souls into educating kids often on a less than ideal salary. However, some teachers go far beyond just teaching their students in school. The best teachers are emotionally invested in their students and express concern for them outside of the school setting. This story is about one such teacher.

Keller Sutherland was an elementary school teacher in South Carolina. One night, she was driving home and noticed something odd. A young boy ahead of her car was biking in the middle of the highway. The boy appeared panicked as he weaved in and out of cars. As Sutherland passed him, she realized that he was a former student of hers named Cameron. Out of concern, she stopped her car to check that he was okay.

When she asked him what he was doing biking on the highway, he initially gave a vague answer that he was going to his grandma’s house. Something about this didn’t seem right to Keller. She decided to question him further. Keller asked him if his father knew that he had left the house. That was when the truth came out.

Cameron told Keller that he had come home to find his dad sprawled out unconscious on the kitchen floor. He knew that his dad had diabetes and had passed out due to his need for insulin. He attempted to call the police on his father’s phone but was unable to because it was locked. Cameron looked for neighbors but no one was home. The only other place he could think of to go was his grandmother’s house. The only problem was that it was 5 miles away and he would need to take the freeway to get there. Nevertheless, Cameron bravely mounted his bike and began the long journey.

Keller immediately called the police. Luckily, they were able to send paramedics to take care of Cameron’s father. Keller had saved Cameron’s father and possibly Cameron as well. Who knows what would have happened if Cameron had continued to bike along the busy freeway. Keller was a hero that day and set the example for all teachers that the job extends far beyond the classroom.

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THIS Teacher Hid Her Secret Identity For Almost 50 Years! But After She Dies The Truth Is Revealed!

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There are some teachers in life who truly break through to their students and make a difference in their lives.  Genevieve Via Cava was one of those teachers and she will continue to make a difference for years and years to come thanks to a generous act she set in motion shortly before her death.  While it only recently came to light some seven years after she died, it seems that she had planned for her final charitable act her whole entire life.

For almost 45 years Genevieve Via Cava was a middle school and high school special needs teacher in the Dumont school district, located in Bergen County, New Jersey.  She loved her life’s work and helping all of the students who passed through her classroom over the years. Even after she retired in 1990, she’d still make time to stop back in at the school to check on students and have a friendly catch up chat with her old co-workers.  

It was during one of those chats that Genevieve mentioned to the school superintendent, Emanuele Triggiano, that she had planned on leaving the school some money in her will.  She passed away in 2011, but it wasn’t until seven years later that a check for $1 million arrived at the Dumont School District’s Board of Education. The generous donation was a shock to everyone, not only because of the massive amount, but also because Genevieve had been so quiet, frugal, and unassuming.  

According to Richard Jablonski, a close friend and executor of Genevieve’s will, she had grown up during the depression and knew how to save a dime anywhere she could.  She never splurged on things like clothes or trips and when she went shopping, she’d go straight to the 70% discount rack and only buy items on sale at deep discounts. She refused to even buy hearing aids when she needed them and all that scrimping added up over the years, to the point where she had in excess of a million extra dollars saved up.

In the end, the money she donated is to be used to fund scholarships for special needs students who are going on to pursue postsecondary education.  The large amount she donated means that the interest it generates annually will fund scholarships of $25,000 for one or more students each year. It was set up this way so that the money wouldn’t run out once it had been dispersed, instead it will continue in perpetuity, or basically forever, since it’s funded off the interest.  

The school wasn’t the only beneficiary in her will, five other local charities were left $100,000 each.  They included animal charities, such as the Ramapo Animal Refuge, and The Salvation Army. In the end, Genevieve’s gifts will truly make a difference for years to come.  It also goes to show just how important learning to manage and save money can be. 

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