A Teacher Asks Her 3rd Grade Students THIS 1 Question. Their Unexpected Responses Are Heartbreaking!

A good teacher is attuned to her students needs in a really unique way.  Since they spend approximately six hours a day with their class, in elementary school, they get to wear many hats when interacting.  At times other than the teacher hat, they take on a parental role and other times a friend with good listening skills.

Kyle Schwartz is a third-grade teacher who cares very much about the kids she teaches.  Her students are primarily of Hispanic background, whose parents are the working poor.  She wanted to provide an outlet for these children to confide in her about personal things, without feeling ashamed or put on the spot.

Kyle came up with a writing exercise that would allow them to express themselves, anonymously, if they wanted to. She asked them to complete the sentence: “I wish my teacher knew…”.  The responses that she received were quite revealing of the turmoil they experience everyday in their young lives.

She posted some of their answers on Twitter  without their names.  It is heart-wrenching to hear such young children carrying overwhelming emotional burdens. This exercise gives us all a window into the lives of children who feel neglected or abandoned.

Such unburdening can be very helpful in starting a conversation that can both support children and parents.  It was quite a wake-up call for this new teacher.  Let us know your thoughts and feelings after viewing the video below.

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Teachers Stand Up One After The Other To Stop The Superintendent’s Back To School Speech. WOW!

If you have ever been a teacher, you know that one of the great perks of your job, is having summers off! No matter how great the district or system is, and regardless of your level of dedication, those days of orientation before the students first day back are usually a drag!

Boring speeches about curriculum are hardly inspirational. This West Des Moines Community School District listening to the superintendent’s speech are shifting in their seats, looking like they are thinking “here we go again” when something amazing happens!

The humdrum speech of the superintendent, is suddenly interrupted by the opening of the curtain behind her and a screen being lowered. There is only one more day left to prepare before the kids start. Whether you are an experienced or new teacher, nervousness abounds. Listening to a dry speech just never cuts it. Some of the teachers in West Des Moines have come up with just the surprise to wake up their colleagues spirit.

You are about to watch this district-wide group of teachers get inspired with unexpected humor and song. As the superintendent drones on, one teacher walks out with a mike and interrupts beginning a parody of the song, “One More Day” from Les Miserables! What ensues is a video that will make you day!

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This Teacher Starts Yelling and Abusively Mocking A Little Girl In Class. Her Response? Epic

image via – youtube.com

I bet this teacher did not expect this little girl to respond like this! When I saw how she responded after he berated her and poked her in the head multiple times, I literally started clapping! At first, I just felt bad for her. The teacher was in a foul mood and was letting her have it.

She might have known the answers, but he never even gave her a chance to respond. He kept berating her until she just couldn’t take it anymore, and then he pushed it over the line by poking her in the head, I suppose for emphasis.

At that point, she had gone beyond what she could withstand. She had been publicly humiliated for long enough, and who knows how long she was up there before one of her fellow students started filming. I bet that student had no idea what he or she was about to capture on film for the world to see. Once she had enough, she let him have it. She knocked his hand away from her head and gave him a swift kick right where it counts.

She showed her street smarts by then running for the door, while he crumpled to the floor whimpering. Now it’s his turn to be embarrassed as this video goes viral and is spread all over the interwebs. He won’t soon forget this lesson, one that she taught him while he thought he was teaching her.

Next time he considers berating a student and poking them in the head, I bet he’ll think twice and use a more subtle method of teaching. Maybe his students will learn better now that he has learned this valuable lesson.

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VIDEO: When Their Favorite Teacher’s Hearse Pulls Up His Students Do Something Totally Unexpected!

Amazing teachers who work hard to truly affect and change the lives of their pupils are hard to come by. Dawson Tamatea was one of the few who impacted his students and achieved such results. He worked at Palmerston North Boy’s High School in New Zealand as a math and physical education teacher. Mr. Tamatea’s career began back in 1986 when he first started at the school and continued all the way up to the present until he recently passed away.

Upon his passing, the all boys school was closed for half a day so that the staff and students could be present at his funeral. Hundreds of people including many alumni gathered at the cemetery to honor and remember their beloved teacher. When the hearse arrived the boys stood ready to perform a haka as a final farewell to Mr. Tamatea.

Their tribute was the traditional ancestral war cry of the Maori people who live in New Zealand. It is known as a haka which is an ancient ritual that involves energetic movements, stomping feet, and clapping hands, all in rhythm to the shouts of the war cry.

The sight and sound of all the boys performing the haka for their teacher is powerful, loud, and moving. The emotional scene is clear proof that Mr. Tamatea was a legendary mentor, friend, and teacher in the eyes of everyone gathered there to bid him one final farewell that day.

The school originally posted the video on their YouTube channel PNBHS, and wrote “We are extremely proud of our boy’s performance and we know that Mr. Tamatea would be too.” After viewing their haka tribute, one can only agree with the school’s statement, those boys should be nothing but proud of their moving and traditional final presentation.

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Teacher Was Being Harassed With An Inappropriate Question About His Job. His Response Is Brilliant!

Meet Taylor Mali an amazing teacher who will change your perspective on teachers forever.  He has the ultimate response for when somebody asks him how much a teacher makes.  What he says sent chills down my spine.  He reminds us all how much hard work, long hours and pure heart teachers put into their work.  It is today’s teachers that our sculpting the young minds of our next generation.  The best teachers are inspiring the youth to really change the planet for the better.

Taylor Mali lives in New York now and is not only an incredible teacher, but also a phenomenal poet.  To be more specific he is a slam poet.  In slam poetry competitions poets battle each other with original poetry they have written and sometimes even come up with poetry on the spot.

They are judged and a winner is crowned at the end. Mali’s hilarious, sharp wit, and highly perceptive look at life as a teacher pays the ultimate tribute to the joys of teaching and how important they are to our society.

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