This Teacher Starts Yelling and Abusively Mocking A Little Girl In Class. Her Response? Epic

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I bet this teacher did not expect this little girl to respond like this! When I saw how she responded after he berated her and poked her in the head multiple times, I literally started clapping! At first, I just felt bad for her. The teacher was in a foul mood and was letting her have it.

She might have known the answers, but he never even gave her a chance to respond. He kept berating her until she just couldn’t take it anymore, and then he pushed it over the line by poking her in the head, I suppose for emphasis.

At that point, she had gone beyond what she could withstand. She had been publicly humiliated for long enough, and who knows how long she was up there before one of her fellow students started filming. I bet that student had no idea what he or she was about to capture on film for the world to see. Once she had enough, she let him have it. She knocked his hand away from her head and gave him a swift kick right where it counts.

She showed her street smarts by then running for the door, while he crumpled to the floor whimpering. Now it’s his turn to be embarrassed as this video goes viral and is spread all over the interwebs. He won’t soon forget this lesson, one that she taught him while he thought he was teaching her.

Next time he considers berating a student and poking them in the head, I bet he’ll think twice and use a more subtle method of teaching. Maybe his students will learn better now that he has learned this valuable lesson.

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