Choose A Tree And See What It Reveals About You

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Do you think that someone can tell you something about yourself just by which tree you choose out of a series of images? There is only one way to find out! At the beginning of this quiz, you might be skeptical, but I took it myself and found it to be scary accurate. How could they possibly know this much about me? I chose quickly, trying not to overthink it like I normally do.

I picked the one I was naturally most drawn to, without thinking about what that choice might mean in the results. Guess what! It turns out the quiz knows that I like to have fun, which is shocking because very few people know that about me. I keep my fun loving ways under wraps, trying instead to keep my mirth buried under a layer of possible displeasure. I like to leave open the possibility that I may not be pissed off, just for the comfort of those around me. If I just expressed my inner joy all the time, people would get really sick of me. They might feel worse about their own situation if they think mine is better, so I wear an average mood face. I’ve noticed that trees do the same thing sometimes. I can never tell for certain if the great oak that stands at the edge of the field by my house is in a good mood or not. I often think I am certain that I caught a smile, or heard a bit of a giggle, but then I’ll feel like the gentle being is scowling. Friendly tree, though, always willing to listen while shading me from the hot summer sun and offering great support. For my back, certainly, but also emotionally. What gentle creatures are the trees, exhaling oxygen for us to inhale, while we exhale carbon dioxide for them to inhale. Our breath is one, as we grow from the same earth, and in the end, return to the same earth.

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