Is Your Brain More Female or Male?


The sperm meets the egg and a life is formed. Will the fetus be male or female? Although the human sex ratio is roughly one male to every one female, the line may not be so black and white. The personalities of the sexes can vary drastically. Some men are very masculine, some very feminine, and there is the whole spectrum in between. This is the case for woman as well.

It gets even more blurry when considering the typical roles that have been placed on the genders by society. If a lumber jack likes to cook and sew, is he less of a man? What if a stay-at-home mom likes to work on cars? Does that make her manly? The contemporary openness of sexual preference now has us even more confused about gender identity. Men like men, women like women. Men want to be women and vice versa. Every possible combination has been explored. It’s becoming more and more obvious that at the core, humans are made of the¬†same essence.

We are androgynous and we are capable. Aside from obvious physiological restrictions, there is nothing that a man can do that can not be accomplished by a woman and the opposite is also true. So, what’s left now except to break down all the walls of sexual expectation? Let the dads stay at home with the kids while the moms work hard all day to support the family. Encourage the teenagers to wear each other’s clothes and cut their hair in ways that make it hard to tell what they’re hiding in their pants.

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