This Pup Sees A Ball Pit For The First Time. His Reaction Is Priceless!

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If you’ve ever experienced a ball pit then you know how this adorable French Bulldog feels. The first time you jump into a box filled with thousands of small plastic balls is a feeling like no other. You instantly have the urge to flail about and bury yourself in them and because there are so many that is inevitably what happens!

The little black French Bulldog in this video got a taste of the fast food play life when he was given a couple of kiddie pools filled with the colorful balls to play in. He romps around from one to the other wildly, like a little kid on a sugar high, and he just can’t seem to get enough.

The dog is clearly overjoyed with his new playthings and his face shines with that happy, delighted type of look only a dog can make. He’s so worked up by the ball pits that he can barely catch his breath! One of his doggy friends can also be seen following him around, back and forth between the tubs full of balls.

That white and gray furred pup seems a little more apprehensive about jumping into the balls and is content to stand on the sidelines and watch Frenchy play.

If you need to smile, or make someone else smile and cheer them up, send them this video. It should do the trick and will lighten up anyone’s bad day, a least just a little smile 🙂

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