THIS Student Begs Her Teacher To Allow Her Dog To Come To Class! The Teacher’s Response Breaks The Internet!

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Around 200,000 years ago humans began walking the earth. Since the inception of the human race, shelter, house, communities and eventually civilizations began cropping up all over planet earth. What’s more interesting is we didn’t build and evolve all on our own we had a few loyal friends who tagged along and helped us on our human journey through history. Probably, the one species of animal the most intertwined with our own evolution is Canis Lupus Familiaris or what we call dogs!

What makes this odd alliance even stranger is that modern day dogs evolved one of man’s initial biggest threats. This mammal species is known as Canis Lupus or what most of all call wolves. Around 100,000 years ago our ancestors began populating the land mass of Eurasia. The wolf was one of the only creatures on the planet that could match us humans near the top of the food chain. How the two species interacted with their own kind was actually very similar..

The two species both hunted in groups or packs. The hunter and gatherers would work as one finely tuned machine, to seek, find and then catch their prey for survival. Wolves also hunted in hierarchal pack and would also work with coordinated strikes and precise accuracy as they sought out their prey. Our ancestors and wolves were indeed very social creatures, and used these advanced social skills in order to take down animals much larger than themselves which in turn would leave them wasting less time hunting and more time consuming energy and nutrition.

Wolves thrived at the top of the food chains for thousands of years before modern day humans ever appeared however, now that these strange bipedal hominids were encroaching on their territory they had some very serious competition on their paws. While the two species would clash head on for many years some wolves who were kicked out or ostracized from their pack noticed that if they weren’t aggressive towards a human community this could be a pretty easy way to get food and survive without having to face the world alone.

The strong and powerful wolves remained in their packs and refused to back down to the humans however, the weaker and more scavenger type of canines began to outlast and outlive their more dominant predecessors due to their new alliance with these strange 2 legged hominids. As years passed, the traits of these less aggressive and scrap grabbing Canines we’re passed down through their DNA and they began living closer and closer to our ancestors. As we provided them leftover food they in turn would help us hunt and defend our lands and communities. It was a symbiotic relationship that was just the perfect match made in heaven.

Because both species preferred living in packs, it wasn’t too difficult for these docile wolves to integrate with the human population and eventually begin living in their homes. It is thought that these animals were the first domesticated animals ever. These first wolf-dog hybrids showed up around 30,000 years ago. As time went on these wolf-dogs soon evolved into our modern day dogs. These evolutions and changes in look were drastic for some breeds and less so for others. Humans had successfully domesticated these canines for almost any purpose they needed them for..

Now that we have gone over a short history of dogs, let’s dive head first into today’s canine story. In today’s video we will be featuring a college student named Jessica Lewis who was attending college in Statesboro, Georgia. On this week a giant hurricane named Hurricane Irma was going to be rolling through her college town and she would soon have to evacuate to her parents house in Atlanta, Georgia. She just had one little problem she had to deal with before her evacuation would begin. She had one final class she had to attend which was important to her and she had her sweet pup Luna who would have to evacuate with her. Obviously she wasn’t going to leave Luna behind during the horrifying storm.

She decided to write her teacher a letter asking for permission to bring her dog with her to class even though she knew this was against school policy. Jessica figured it was worth a shot due to the impending storm and the situation she was in. She typed out a very respectful letter asking her professor if Luna the dog could come to class with her….

Watch the video below to read the full letter and her professor’s response both of which have went mega-viral:

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Teacher Grabs Crying Kids Lunch and Tosses It In The Trash! Then Tells Him He Can’t Eat This At School Again!

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Childhood obesity is a huge obstacle facing kids these days.  Rates of overweight and underactive kids are skyrocketing, and many things are to blame.  From increasingly sedentary lifestyles to sugar laden, highly processed foods that are all too convenient, it’s easy to see how kids are packing on the pounds.  More exercise and forming healthy eating habits early on can help to curb obesity but it’s hard to monitor what a child’s eating when they’re at school and exposed to unhealthy meals or vending machines.

That is precisely why many schools have stepped up their efforts to ensure that kids have much better access to healthier snacks and meals.  Many have banned unhealthy snacks altogether in vending machines and are emphasizing fresher more natural options, such as fruits and vegetables, while cutting out highly processed, fatty, and sugary foods.

In Canada some schools have gone as far as to regulate what foods are allowed in packed lunches as well.  However, some places may have gone a little too far in their efforts to curb unhealthy eating habits and that has led to complaints from parents.  Several reports have noted that schools are strictly enforcing their eating codes and fining parents who fail to include the listed healthy snacks.  In effect, if a child goes to school with cookies, candy, soda, or a banned item, school officials can take it away and throw it in the trash. As a replacement, the child is given a healthy snack and the school bills the parents for it.

Such was the case in Durham, Ontario Canada where a healthy eating program had been enacted in the public schools.  One four year old boy had a slice of homemade banana bread taken away from him by his teacher who threw it in the trash. Being so young, the boy didn’t really understand what was happening and so he became confused and upset when the snack his mother had packed for him was confiscated.  

His mother, Elaine Daoust, was also upset by the incident and was told by the school that because the banana bread contained chocolate chips it violated their healthy snack policy. The school did not bother to replace what they took away from her son and so all he had to eat that day was a small bag of grapes she had also packed for him.  Furthermore, she had packed the same homemade banana bread before for him and had no issues, so why was it suddenly prohibited. It’s not like she packed him a chocolate candy bar, there were just a couple of chocolate chips and it was a small slice of bread to begin with!

According to Elaine, her son had been given a chart about healthy eating habit and a note explaining the decision from his teacher.  According to a local news report on the issue, a group of about 30 other parents in the same school district claim that their children have also had food items confiscated from them.  Some of the prohibited items mentioned include granola bars, goldfish crackers, string cheese, and chocolate milk. In the majority of these instances the food in question is not inherently unhealthy or clearly banned.  

In the end, the schools have seemingly been given wide discretion.  What they regard as healthy or unhealthy can change day to day and depends on the teacher.  Perhaps more important is the fact that they are not taking into consideration the parent’s choices for their children.  After all, lots of kids are picky eaters, some have allergies, others have medical conditions which severely restrict what they’re able to eat, and a parent knows and accommodates these factors.  We all want out kids to be healthy, but that shouldn’t mean taking food from a child.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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She Got Home Happy After A Date. Then Posted This On Facebook 2 Hours Later? She Was Found Dead!

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Amber Cornwell wrote this on her Facebook page: “If I die tonight, would anyone cry?”  This update appeared just hours before her parents found her hanging in her closet!  She was pronounced dead at the scene.  In the video you are about to watch below, her heartbroken parents speak out.

Amber had been bullied mercilessly for years; despite her parent’s belief that her life had taken a more positive turn, Amber simply could not go on. Bullying wears away at the soul, particularly during the teenage years, when fitting in is paramount.  Her parents are speaking out to, yet again, bring attention to the destruction caused by bullying.

It cannot be assumed that your child’s self-esteem is intact when they have been victimized by years of bullying.  Counseling support should be a requisite part of their lives to try to monitor for suicidal thoughts and inclinations.

The East Henderson High School in North Carolina held a candlelight vigil for Amber after her death, but has remained silent about the claims of bullying that she had experienced since the sixth grade.  Her parents are keeping the focus on

Amber’s story; she was tortured by “mean…stuff [said] to her face, [and] behind her back.”  Cruel messages on Facebook permeated her life after school hours.  Children can be helped with individual counseling, but unless schools incorporate sensitivity programs against bullying, teen suicides will continue to permeate our culture.

Bullying is truly an epidemic that needs to finally come to an end. Hopefully this story will be a wake up call for many..

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This Teacher Starts Yelling and Abusively Mocking A Little Girl In Class. Her Response? Epic

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I bet this teacher did not expect this little girl to respond like this! When I saw how she responded after he berated her and poked her in the head multiple times, I literally started clapping! At first, I just felt bad for her. The teacher was in a foul mood and was letting her have it.

She might have known the answers, but he never even gave her a chance to respond. He kept berating her until she just couldn’t take it anymore, and then he pushed it over the line by poking her in the head, I suppose for emphasis.

At that point, she had gone beyond what she could withstand. She had been publicly humiliated for long enough, and who knows how long she was up there before one of her fellow students started filming. I bet that student had no idea what he or she was about to capture on film for the world to see. Once she had enough, she let him have it. She knocked his hand away from her head and gave him a swift kick right where it counts.

She showed her street smarts by then running for the door, while he crumpled to the floor whimpering. Now it’s his turn to be embarrassed as this video goes viral and is spread all over the interwebs. He won’t soon forget this lesson, one that she taught him while he thought he was teaching her.

Next time he considers berating a student and poking them in the head, I bet he’ll think twice and use a more subtle method of teaching. Maybe his students will learn better now that he has learned this valuable lesson.

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