She Just Figured Out And Revealed The 1 Unexpected and Surprising Secret To Strong and Flawless Nails!

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Our hands are quite possibly the most used parts of our bodies and because of that they often end up taking a beating. Day after day we wash them over and over, every now and then things smash into them, and other times we jam them into places like doors and tight cracks.

Inevitably this leads to other parts of our hands sustaining damage, especially our nails. The wear and tear nails go through can often make them weak, brittle, and unattractive looking. It isn’t always feasible to go to the salon and get them fixed up every week, but there are a few simple steps you can take at home to make your nails stronger and healthier.

One of the main culprits that causes nail damage is polish remover. The stuff is just very strong and very harsh, so if you ever need it, make sure to use an acetone-free type. Your nails will be stronger in the long run because acetone-free nail polish remover is much more gentler and doesn’t strip away moisture like other removers do.

One area of nail care that many people get wrong is filing their nails. If you’re serious about having stronger nails, you’ll need to invest in a crystal nail file. These are superior to other types of files because they lessen the likelihood of ending up with chipped, peeling nails, and leave nail edges smoother. Also, never file back and forth, instead only file in one direction.

Next, you can’t overlook cuticles and smearing on a little bit of cuticle cream throughout the day on them will soften and smooth both nails and cuticles. It also makes pushing back cuticles easier, which you should aim to do at least once a week to keep nails looking neat and pretty.

Hand skincare is also essential, especially in cold, dry winter weather. Use moisturizer daily and after washing your hands to keep them soft and moisturized. There are hundreds of hand creams on the market and in case you’re not sure which works best, YouTube channel cute polish recommends her favorite, which is O.P.I avojuice.

Also, when washing dishes or cleaning with chemicals and sprays around the house, always use a pair of gloves to protect skin and nails from harsh cleaning products.

Finally, to remove ugly polish stains on nails it’s best to lightly buffing the surface of them. If the stains won’t come off try using a nail cleaner, like Bubble White from Sally’s Beauty Supply. To help prevent nail stains in the first place, always paint on a base coat before applying colored polish over it.

The base coat also protects nails and helps keep them strong, so don’t skip it! These are the most basic and essential steps that you can take at home to both achieve and maintain stronger, healthier, beautiful looking hands and nails.

Try them out you’ll see the results in no time at all!

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She Puts Toothpaste All Over Her Nails. The Reason Is Genius!

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If you have ever painted your nails with a glitter filled nail polish then you know that it’s hands down the worst type of polish to remove. It takes ten times longer to scrub the glittery bits off your nails than any version without it.

The most annoying part has got to be when you’re using a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover and it snags and sticks to the glitter on the nail, which tears it up into an unusable mess, and makes it worthless. If all this sounds familiar then you need to view this video and learn this cool trick.

It will save you a lot of time, but overall it’ll just make you more sane the next time you go to remove the dreadful glitter polish. You will need cotton balls (or wipes or pads), nail polish remover, a nail cleaning brush or toothbrush, Vaseline, toothpaste and an optional lemon.

Start by gently rubbing and removing the topcoat with nail polish remover and a wipe before rubbing some Vaseline onto each one of your nails. In a small dish place a few drops of water, add in a dime sized amount of any type of toothpaste, and squeeze half a lemon in if you wish to whiten and brighten your nails.

Mix it all together well before dipping the nail or toothbrush in to pick it up, then rub the concoction onto your nails. Scrub fast and apply a little bit of pressure to really work off the polish. After about a minute of steady scrubbing the glittery polish should start to come right off.

If you use a nail brush you can get all of the nails in one go at once and that’s what makes this the fastest way to get stubborn glitter polish off. When your finger tips are clear of polish simply wash and dry your hands before applying another coat of Vaseline to help moisturize your cuticles and nails. That’s it!

The accompanying video shows you how easily glitter polish comes off nails when you use this trick. The method is perfect for those of us who like to change up our polish color or texture often. Try it the next time you want to remove tired, old, once pretty glittery nail polish, and you’ll be glad you watched the video and learned the easy technique.

Let us know if this technique worked for you!

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Whenever Daddy Tries To Cut His Baby Girl’s Nails She Has The Most Unexpected Reaction Ever!

“Daddy’s little girl” has an unbelievable way of avoiding the cutting of her fingernails. This little doll, who looks to be about six months old has quite the personality. To say that she has daddy wrapped around her little fingers is clearly an understatement.

The video you are about to watch is irresistible. It will make you laugh out loud, over and over! Each time her dad tries to clip her nails, this Brazilian munchkin bubbles up with laughter. It is a a wonderful sound like no other, that in turn cracks her dad up and he can’t even begin to clip her little nails.

It gets funnier and funnier! She laughs, then he cracks up, which makes her laugh even harder, as they play off each other. This little doll has her game down pat. Crack daddy up and he’s never going to clip those nails! Every moment of this adorable video that was recorded by the baby’s mom, Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama, is sheer delight.

She added a caption in Portuguese that translates to “Look who learned how to scare her daddy!” The video’s already been viewed over 22.5 million times, probably not because she scares her dad, but her little bubble laugh is not only contagious to him but to the millions who get to vicariously enjoy it.

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Look Down At Your Nails. The Way They Are Shaped May Indicate Something About Your Personality.

Throughout the ages different methods have arisen that can supposedly determine personality at just a glance. These theories and beliefs oftentimes link certain body parts to a person’s traits. Some posit that the size and shape of your can determine a person’s character. In fact, there used to be an entire area of science, known as phrenology, dedicated to analyzing character traits based on skull measurements In the past, it was even believed that the closeness of one’s eyes signaled their artistic talent.

The current trend is focused on what a person’s nail shape says about their personality. It originally started in Asia and has since spread quickly West. It really all depends on your personality as to how far you read into and believe these things, but however accurate it may be, at the very least it is a fun way to pass time and self-evaluate. Here is a breakdown of the different shapes and what they reveal:

1. Vertically long nail bed = mildly tempered, precise, imaginative and creative. You’re a people person and generally get along well with most everyone.

2. Broad sideways nail bed = honest, no nonsense, short tempered, theoretical. You tell the truth no matter what and often give others advice because of this.

3 & 4. Rounded or egg shaped nails = relaxed, unique, positive, sensible. You move to your own beat and never let things get the best of you, which means you have many long term friends.

5. Square shaped nail beds = a leader, strong, skillful, gutsy. You are often serious and people look to you as a leader, but you also have a soft side reserved for people close to you.

6 & 7. Triangular or Inverted nail shapes = smart, perfectionist, innovative, original. You may be a genius and think faster than others, people are fascinated by you.

8. Almond shaped nails = faithful, honest, amicable, nice. You are polite yet stand your ground when necessary, people enjoy your company and how you handle things.

9. Sword shaped nails = aspiring, industrious, visionary, focused. You are focused on long term goals and the big picture, and influence people in a rewarding, positive way.

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