THIS Is The Surprising Reason Why You Should Stop Picking The Skin Around Your Nails Right NOW!

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There are so many repetitive habits, many of which are formed during childhood, that are self-soothing even though they have negative consequences.  When it comes to the hands, nail-biting and knuckle cracking are ones familiar to many.

One, that also occurs in 2 out of 7 people, is the biting of the skin around the nails, called “Dermatophagia”.   According to research, “Dermatophagia” is linked to both impulse control and obsessive-compulsive disorders.  This makes sense in terms of the negative self-soothing aspect of this nervous habit.  The question is what in actuality, makes this a negative coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety?

To begin with, the compulsive nature of this habit, results in physical pain as the skin around the nails becomes raw and often bleeds.  When the skin becomes vulnerable, the chances of consuming harmful germs and the risk for skin infection is significantly raised.

In addition to these harmful health consequences, this addictive behavior that tends to increase with boredom and higher stress levels, often becoming embarrassing.  People tend not to seek medical help, until they have serious infections and feel totally out of control in repeating the biting.

Fortunately this addictive habit can be treated with therapy and medications.  The video you are about to watch below, was posted by a man who is at the end of his rope with his repetitive behavior, and is searching for help.

He will be happy to hear that their are two main therapies that work best in dealing with skin biting: HABIT REVERSAL TRAINING and STIMULUS CONTROL.

Habit Reversal Training helps you to pinpoint which factors in your life are the TRIGGERS for skin picking and biting.  Once you have done this, alternative behavioral strategies that involve your hands, are suggested to curb the habit.  An example is, SQUEEZING A RUBBER BALL, which has been found to reduce stress and will keep your hands busy.

Stimulus Control is a therapeutic technique, which suggests altering your environment, to put a stop to skin biting.  Keeping the skin around the nails covered with Band-Aids or even wearing gloves, are examples of strategies that have helped people who are desperate to curb this behavior

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