THIS Guy Hammers Nails Into This Lemon. The Awesome Reason Could Save Your Life!

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There is something about fire that grabs our attention and imagination. Humans have been transfixed by dancing orange and blue flames ever since the dawn of time and nothing quite rivals the awesomeness of the strange and wonderful things that people have conjured up involving fire.

Whether it’s fire breathing or walking, there’s lots of neat and amazing tricks you can do with fire and some are survival oriented hacks that people turn to in times of need. The latest one that has been spreading across the internet like fire involves using a lemon to make just that, a fire!

Whether you want to impress your friends, need a science project idea, or just like doing cool MacGyver type of stuff, this video is for you. It was uploaded to YouTube by the NorthSurvival channel, which is full of all sorts of interesting and innovative survival tips and information so be sure to check it out.

To successfully pull this particular trick off you’ll need a few other items in addition to a lemon. Gather together 6 copper clips, 6 zinc nails, some insulated wire, and steel wool. Copper and zinc coins will work too, but the clips and nails work best because you want to stick them securely into the lemon.

Start by working the lemon in between your palms so that it softens up. Take the copper clips and stick them into the lemon in a single file row all down one side, spacing them apart by about a centimeter. Now take the zinc nails and push them into the lemon on the same side so that they’re parallel to the copper clips.

Grab a little piece of wire and connect it from the first copper clip to the second zinc nail. Do this again by connecting another piece of wire from the second copper clip to the third zinc nail and so on, until you reach the end of the line. This is what creates a reaction between the two metals that ends up producing electricity.

The next step is to connect a piece of insulated wire to each end where the nail and clip have no wire on them yet. The copper clip will be the (+) positive end and the zinc nail will be the (–) negative. The wired up lemon should produce around 5 volts of electricity and at this point you’re ready to harness that power to start a fire!

Take the steel wool and place some dry tinder atop it, toilette paper was used in the video and works well. Now take the two wire ends from the lemon and touch them to the steel wool. This short circuits it which causes the wool to heat up enough to spark a fire. Once you get a flame going add more tinder and build up the fire with other materials to keep it going.

It goes without saying that you should always be careful around open flames and/or electricity, and while the saying “don’t play with fire” is good advice, this trick can easily be done safely if you exercise appropriate caution and supervise the flame at all times. So the next time life hands you lemons, stick in some metal and wire them up to create a unique battery-type of fire starter.

Enjoy this awesome project!

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In 1951 He Rescued 2 Girls From a Fire! 65-Years Later THIS Lady Bangs On His Door!

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There are some things that happen in life which are seemingly so random and unbelievable that it’s hard to explain or make any sense of them. Oftentimes we attribute them to random acts of god or miracles, and yet perhaps these events were fated or destined to happen all along. For the people and events in this amazing story, they believe it’s a mixture of all those things and more.

It began one fateful day on December 20, 1951, in St. John’s Newfoundland. Twelve year old Edward “Kip” Malone was out walking to the store because his mother had sent him to get some butter when he noticed that a house was on fire. He heard a woman screaming for help and shouting for someone to save her children who were trapped somewhere in the building.

Without hesitation, Malone headed straight for the door and inside the burning house. There was thick smoke everywhere, but he soon found a little girl on the stairs. He tried to get her to go but she resisted because she said that she wouldn’t leave without her sister who was still somewhere inside. Malone and the girl searched frantically for the missing child and when they were in a bedroom, he heard a voice telling him to sweep his hand under the bed. That was when he found the other little girl hiding and now that he had both children, he hurried them outside to safety as the house burned wildly out of control.

When it was over, the five and three year old girls were okay, but their grandmother sadly perished in the fire. Malone later learned that the girls had six other siblings who, along with their parents, all lived in the house. Since the house was a total loss, the family moved away, and he never saw or heard about them again.

Time went on and over the years Malone often thought about the two girls he’d saved that fateful day. He didn’t know what had happened to them, but 65 years later he soon found out. He and his wife had recently bought a new house and had just moved in when a neighbor came over and introduced herself to them. Her name was Margaret Fowler and after they started talking it didn’t take long for them to discover that Malone and the woman had grown up near each other.

When Margaret told him about how she’d lived on Central Street, the same street where he’d rescued the girls all those years ago, he told her about the fire and what he’d done. As the words came out of his mouth, Margaret nearly fainted, then she told him that she was one of the little girls he had saved that day!

A week later, Margaret brought her little sister Barbara Earle to meet up with Malone for a proper introduction. All of them believe that the long overdue reunion can be attributed to divine intervention and the women say that Malone is their guardian angel of sorts. Both ladies have very little recollection of the fire and events that happened that day, as over the years they found it too painful to ask their mother and father about what had happened. Earle didn’t even know Malone had saved her life and feels nothing but gratitude for what he did sixty years ago.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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He Rests A Single Candle Between Two Glasses. The Result Is Unexpectedly Incredible!

Around 1.9 million years ago humans first learned how to create and control fire.  This is arguably one of the biggest leaps in human evolution ever.  Ancient humans utilized the fire to stay warm on freezing nights, scare off predators trying to hunt them, and of course cook delicious food.  This evolutionary step in history gave mankind the ultimate leg up over the rest of the animals!

We now use fire in a million different ways, and the best part is we are masters at controlling it.  There are so many awesome things that we can now do with it.  With the help of science, we are able to manipulate fire to do just about anything we want it to do.

In the video below, I was blown away by these fire tricks.  Some of these tricks were so amazing I had to watch them twice. There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the video that warns you not to try this on your own because they were all done by trained professionals.  If you do try some of these be very careful and remember, if you play with fire you might get burned.

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She Uses A Stick With Glass On Fire and Presses It Onto Paper. The Result Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Art is an ever expansive expression of life which is limited only by the imagination itself. There are infinite opportunities with endless mediums, methods of using them, and what is created as a result. Some of the best art is made, almost accidentally, when a moment of inspiration comes seemingly out of nowhere in the form of material and excitement.

When allowed enough time and space, the energy and ingredients combine to form a unique masterpiece for the world to enjoy. The beauty of art is often in the process of making it. While the final product can evoke a plethora of sentiment in those who encounter it, it is not the only purpose for its creation.

The artist becomes a conduit for movement of spirit and in turn is gifted with peace, neutrality, as the work provides an outlet for positive and negative power. No matter the skill, effort, or product achieved, there is much to be gained by the practice of crafty execution.

Etsuko Ichikawa demonstrates the elegance of ingenuity with molten glass pyrography. She uses a portable furnace to soften glass for her fire drawings on paper. Melting at 2100 degrees, Etsuko must work quickly to be able to handle the material.

She gracefully drips the hot glass to burn lines in large sheets of paper. After promptly removing the hardening substance, the paper is spritzed to cool and reveals interesting abstract designs which can be artistically interpreted for further appreciation. What do you see in her pictures?

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He Pushes A Nail Through A Candle And Rests It On 2 Cups. When He Lights It An Unexpected Surprise!

There is something about fire that grabs our attention and imagination. Humans have been transfixed by dancing orange and blue flames ever since the dawn of our time here on Earth. Nothing quite rivals the awesomeness of the strange and wonderful things that people have conjured up involving fire, whether it’s fire breathing or fire walking.

There are lots of other neat and amazing things you can do with fire, and this video will show you how to go about doing some of them. The video shows you exactly what you need to perform 10 different tricks that are guaranteed to both mystify and impress people. They are part magic, part science, and totally awesome.

In terms of ease of performance, the levels range from incredibly easy to more advanced, so there is something for everyone. Performing any one of these tricks will definitely leave a lasting impression on an audience and spark an opportunity for some great conversation.

Personally, my favorite is number 10 when you get to see what happens when steel wool is set alight. It looks so pretty and wild all at once, but it makes me wonder if it smells horrible. I’m definitely going to try a few of these tonight. Check out the video and see which one you like best.

Also, before you attempt to try any of these at home, make sure you use extreme caution at all times. Do not let children try these and supervise kids around fire and open flames. It’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby, or a hose and water at the ready, because the last thing you want to end up happening is your house burning down.

And while the saying “don’t play with fire” is good advice, these tricks can easily be done safely if you exercise appropriate caution and supervise the flame at all times. Have some fun and only do this under supervision! Enjoy these awesome fire tricks!

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I Was Confused When He Melted Old Soda Cans. But The End Result Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Using a mini metal foundry and charcoal briquettes you can make aluminum cans into little metal muffins. Insert a crucible, which you can make out of a steel fire extinguisher, on top of five charcoals in the foundry. This will ensure the cans melt quickly. Then place a one inch steel pipe into the air supply hole on the foundry.

To get the fire hot enough to melt cans attach a hair dryer with couplings to a PVC pipe and the steel tube. Support the blower to keep the angle into the foundry. This will keep the walls from cracking and extend the life of the unit.

Fill the foundry with charcoal around the crucible and light the coals most efficiently with a propane blow torch. Once the coals are burning, set the hair dryer to the low setting and cover the foundry with a cover made with a can sized hole in the center.

After ten minutes, the fire should be hot enough. The crucible will be glowing orange and over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Use steel tongs to remove the cover and place cans into the crucible and watch them liquefy in just seconds. If you crush the cans first to insert them through cover, less metal will be oxidized. It will take 38-45 cans to make 1 pound of melted aluminum.

Once the container is full, carefully remove it with steel tongs. Slowly pour the liquid into a steel mold. The gunk in the container will stay behind and act as a strainer to let just the liquid through.

You can use non stick pans to make small metal ingots but be informed that the non stick will burn off in flames during the first use. Once the liquid is poured out, tip the container over and tap it onto a cement slab to remove leftovers. As long as the crucible stays clean, it can be used right away.

The aluminum will be hard after a minute or two but it is still hot enough to ignite paper on contact. At this point you can pick up the aluminum with tongs and cool it in a bucket of water. The water will instantly boil, but after about ten seconds the aluminum should be safe to touch. When you want to make something, melt some ingots for 5-10 minutes in a hot, clean crucible.

Bury your mold of choice in a five gallon bucket of sand with the opening of the mold uncovered. Pour the molten aluminum into your mold, which will likely burn in flames depending on what it’s made out of. Let the apparatus cool for ten minutes and pick up the aluminum with channel locks to see what you’ve created!

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