In 1951 He Rescued 2 Girls From a Fire! 65-Years Later THIS Lady Bangs On His Door!

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There are some things that happen in life which are seemingly so random and unbelievable that it’s hard to explain or make any sense of them. Oftentimes we attribute them to random acts of god or miracles, and yet perhaps these events were fated or destined to happen all along. For the people and events in this amazing story, they believe it’s a mixture of all those things and more.

It began one fateful day on December 20, 1951, in St. John’s Newfoundland. Twelve year old Edward “Kip” Malone was out walking to the store because his mother had sent him to get some butter when he noticed that a house was on fire. He heard a woman screaming for help and shouting for someone to save her children who were trapped somewhere in the building.

Without hesitation, Malone headed straight for the door and inside the burning house. There was thick smoke everywhere, but he soon found a little girl on the stairs. He tried to get her to go but she resisted because she said that she wouldn’t leave without her sister who was still somewhere inside. Malone and the girl searched frantically for the missing child and when they were in a bedroom, he heard a voice telling him to sweep his hand under the bed. That was when he found the other little girl hiding and now that he had both children, he hurried them outside to safety as the house burned wildly out of control.

When it was over, the five and three year old girls were okay, but their grandmother sadly perished in the fire. Malone later learned that the girls had six other siblings who, along with their parents, all lived in the house. Since the house was a total loss, the family moved away, and he never saw or heard about them again.

Time went on and over the years Malone often thought about the two girls he’d saved that fateful day. He didn’t know what had happened to them, but 65 years later he soon found out. He and his wife had recently bought a new house and had just moved in when a neighbor came over and introduced herself to them. Her name was Margaret Fowler and after they started talking it didn’t take long for them to discover that Malone and the woman had grown up near each other.

When Margaret told him about how she’d lived on Central Street, the same street where he’d rescued the girls all those years ago, he told her about the fire and what he’d done. As the words came out of his mouth, Margaret nearly fainted, then she told him that she was one of the little girls he had saved that day!

A week later, Margaret brought her little sister Barbara Earle to meet up with Malone for a proper introduction. All of them believe that the long overdue reunion can be attributed to divine intervention and the women say that Malone is their guardian angel of sorts. Both ladies have very little recollection of the fire and events that happened that day, as over the years they found it too painful to ask their mother and father about what had happened. Earle didn’t even know Malone had saved her life and feels nothing but gratitude for what he did sixty years ago.

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